Week-end 19.06.18 - 20.06.18: Royal Wedding, Boating and the Oldest Pub in Lakeland

Haaaapppy Monday! I am not the most excited for it to be Monday today, I must say. As the week-end has been so fabulous! I guess that is a good sign but I will certainly need to plan some pick me ups today to get me through the Monday blues! How amazing was the Royal Wedding? Did any of y'all get up at the crack of dawn in the US to watch? What was your favourite part? I watched at my house with a couple of friends. It was a pretty impromptu thing, organised the night before and involved me running to Marks and Spencer at opening to throw anything attractive and wedding related into my basket and hoping for the best:
 I got the last box of commemorative biscuits complete with dent. Ok - back to the wedding itself - what a spectacular ride up to Windsor Castle! I enjoyed watching the guests arrive in their finery - of course we had a good old gossip about who were best dressed and who weren't - one friend had a strong opinion of navy not being special enough for a wedding (shock, horror!). My personal favourites were Alexandra 'Sofia' Wellesley:

 Plus this group -

Harry looked adorable - didn't the looks on his face make your heart melt? I thought for a moment William looked more nervous than him! Did you see as well when the camera panned to Chelsey Davy? I thought she looked seriously NAFFED OFF - very much a 'oh Lordy, what have a done, that could have been me' face. We all felt sorry for Meghan's Mum - seemingly sat on her own. Loved Charles taking Meghan part way down the aisle. Thought she looked stunning in her dress but we had mixed feelings on the dress in general as quite austere - when I noticed it first before she got out of the car I was convinced my guess at Emilia Wickstead as the designer was right, but no, Givenchy! So Meghan was channelling a bit of Audrey Hepburn. We liked the slightly un-done hair. The Gospel Choir was a hit (even people in the village on my dog walk later commented on loving it). The preacher was interesting - I never in my life thought I'd hear a 'y'all' at a Royal Wedding - loved it! We were a little shell-shocked by his passionate sermon though - we did not expect that at all. Very different from what you would hear in an English church - we noticed a few embarrassed stifled giggles - but that is GOOD - it shook things up a bit!

Moving on to our Sunday - we went to Coniston. There aren't really any shops there, just pubs and cafes. The backdrop to the village is amazing - quite austere fells, but lush fields ambling down to Consiton Water.

It was cloudy but really quite warm, so the perfect day to walk to the water passed some lovely fields and streams:
 Coniston is full of pretty whitewashed cottages, and everywhere you look there is prettiness:

We had lunch at the boating centre and Andy's was the star dish. I love simple, honest food - voila the 'posh fish finger buttie', with my beloved tartar sauce on the side. I am getting this next time (my falafel burger was delicious but this was yummo to the highest order):

How pretty is the gondola?

 It was sooo nice to see Caspar having a great time (although you can't tell from this photo - he is going through a stage of being uncomfortable getting photos taken):


As the day went on Caspar relaxed a bit more..

It was nice to go inland a bit and try something new away from our usual haunts....
…...Boating! It was soooo nice to finally get the weather for it and Caspar had a whale of a time!

Every vista was incredible and the water was quiet.

Most of the time I relaxed at the back...
 Checking out the view....

All round excellent fun!

On the way home we stopped by The Farmers Arms at Lowick (we have a million pubs called that where I live!). Dated from 1380 (yes, 1380) it was a coaching inn until the 1910s and only then did it get a licence to sell alcohol. I spoke to the licencee who was super lovely, and she also told me how in 1968, when the brewery bought the pub, they found a very dirty picture on the wall of what appeared to be a woman eating porridge. It had been ignored for many decades. It turned out to be a Gainsborough that was then sold for £1.6 million at Christie's!

 The ORIGINAL flagstones - over 630 years old - now that's quality!

The kind lady showed me the bar currently under renovation:
 Check out how low the ceilings were in 1380 - I feel tall for the first time in my life, yay!

You can't beat ale and a packet of crisps in a beer garden. Especially with a backdrop like this one!
Following a lovely ale induced nap in the car (it was awesome) we had a coffee and shortbread break to boost flagging energy levels before the Sunday night jobs began. All in all it was a fabulous week-end - hope your's was too - love Joanne x

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That was awkward when they showed Chelsea. I thought the same thing. Ugh. But I had mixed feeling on Meghan's dress too. I really liked it, but I am not sure it was special enough. The reception dress was very beautiful though...even though it was simple as well. I didn't watch the Royal wedding live, but I did watch it later when it was re-broadcasted. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!!
Ascott said…
Your photos! I feel like you could work for the British tourism council! It is just like in The Holiday I think! Have you seen this movie I’m obsessed with? I agreed on the dress, too. There could have been a little more detail without looking tacky.
My boys stopped smiling for photos around that age and they blamed it on the need for dental work! Now one has braces off and the other one will soon. Caspar is so cute, though, and seems like he will go along with anything, it’s so funny for me that he can go in pubs. We are too uptight here!
Have a great week!
Bri Runde said…
Wasn't it so much fun watching all the the Royal Wedding stuff?!?!?! I thought Megan looked so elegant. The rest of your weekend looked enjoyable. :)
I loved reading about your perspective of the wedding. I have pretty much the exact same sentiments. Your statement about hearing "y'all!" cracked me up since that's all I hear being in Texas!! The preacher sure did shake things up! His message was enjoyable for me though.

And of course.... I need to start saving my money for a trip to the UK as I've never been.
Your pictures are so stunning and the scenery looks so tranquil. How simply gorgeous! I want to visit so bad :) I agree with the poster above- you need to be sending your photos into a tourist magazine or guide!
Europafox said…
I didn't get to see the reception dress (what was I thinking?!) - need to google that ASAP Danielle!
Europafox said…
Thanks Amy! I would LOVE to work in that capacity - saying that it is easy to take a nice photo here - there are 'scenes' at every turn! I always think Autumn is the prettiest time - looking forward to getting some great ones then. Can't believe I spent 3 years without a camera phone until March this year. I forget about that with children in pubs - it is probably because the pub is a different things here to a bar and I guess there are different types of pubs / bars I would take him in and ones I wouldn't (we tend to avoid the latter! :)). Wish it was more like Spain though where you can go out with kids til midnight to pretty much any bar!
Europafox said…
Meghan was certainly elegant - such poise - and she didn't look nervous at all, very serene!
Europafox said…
Everyone agreed that they loved the preacher, even non-religious people I have spoken to and even if they were a bit taken aback by his style. I think coming from a Catholic background I am used to some priests with a strong preaching style (even fire and brimstone types), but anyone from a Church of England background is used to something VERY neutral, gentle and borderline neutral. I like preachers who call people out and tell it as it is - who don't compromise the word. I would love to see more of his style in this country! If you do come to the UK I hope you put the Lake District on your list - it would be great to see you here. There are companies who hire campers too and lots of chances for a wilderness experience!
I loved watching the royal wedding! I woke up about the time they were doing the vows. So I got to see the highlights, I think. I ended up muting the preacher as he was getting really riled up. It was funny to see everybody's expressions! I'm sure they weren't used to that!
She looked beautiful and it was nice to see something positive on tv!
I don't know who that person is walking into the wedding in that first shot, but her dress is amazing!!
I bet it was fun to watch with your girlfriends!
zerry ht said…
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