Fri-YAY Favourites and TBB Entertainment Link Up

Fri-YAY favourites is upon us again and I am also posting the TBB Entertainment Link Up with lots of photos - see at the bottom of this post! :). Can't believe the end of the week has come around so fast! The BEST part of this week has been the fantabulous weather - here are some highlights ( I don't usually add pics I've already featured in the same week, but I just can't help it, it was so amazing!). Disclaimer: this is a HUGE double whammy post and taken me ages so forgive me if it has typos!

2. We foraged for mussels and cooked them up, apparently they were great! They contained the tiniest little pearls - didn't even know mussels could make them!

3. Getting my beloved 13 year old Daihatsu back from near death after a failed MOT and a significant spend:
 I thought it would be funny for readers to see how BASIC it is inside - it uses a turning key, the radio doesn't work (the aerial snapped off and I couldn't be bothered replacing it), the air-con doesn't really work and obviously no tech at all. It centrally locks though - wooooh!

I nearly cried when Andy told me it had failed due to emissions standards. They sorted it though and I now need to drive faster to clear the engine to help with the emssions. Which means leaving town and going on 'big road' eek. My driving experiences are the topic of another post - until then you won't know why I am a nervous-ish driver. When I thought the car was condemned I had to shop around for other options. This is what I was in love with (Andy had one last week-end) and it was AMAZING. When you start looking at cars with tech like Spotify and rear-parking sensors, and heated seats it starts making you realise what you have been missing:

 It is definitely top of my list (although a budgetary stretch) for the future - there is a huge waiting list for this new XC40 so it is definitely an investment. If I'd been repalcing my Daihatsu this week it is more likely that I'd have gone for something half the price - I love these Fiat 500's - so stylish! Being predictably female the colour is important to me!

4.After Bank holiday Monday life has consisted of - out at 8am, work til 13:00, home, lunch, work til 4, walk dog, blog, clean cook, laundry, dinner, walk dog.. So little perks along the way like a using my Nespresso milk frother on coffee and cocoa has really perked me up - especially after some 05:30am wake ups!
 5.My nature favourite of the week is the arrival of the Devon red calves - they are super cute!
 And the lambs in the 'paddock' opposite the house. I don't think a week will go by in Spring where I don't feature the lambs!

Moving swiftly on to the brilliant TBB link up this month - 'All Things Entertainment' - of course illustrated with lots of photos!


1.Comedy or Drama?
It is soooo difficult to choose - so I am going to be awkward and say - Drama in general but comedy to relax last thing at night (unless it's Riverdale which I guess is a fluffy drama). So my perfect TV night would be a bit of Poldark followed by a Parks and Rec (if TV). Or 'Far from the Madding Crowd' (I'm obsessed) followed by 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' - which contains a bit of both:

On a side note - I love so many aesthetics in this film - but moreover, the fact he just walks out one day and goes to Greenland with just one bag. I love how he ditches his old self on that Greenland fishing vessels. I love his fisherman's sweater and his duffel bag. It is pure escapism. The scenery is epic.
2. Fiction or non-fiction
I went through a serious spell in my late 20s and early thirties where nearly everything I watched needed to be educational or with some sort of 'message' - Blood Diamond, Beyond Borders, Selma...  Now I actively seek out fiction, in books and films - beautiful, escapist fiction. Fiction is ideal as a family watch - especially films based on fabulous books:

Harry Potter of course - our favourite to re-watch again and again is the Philosopher's Stone. I don't know about you but I always love the first in a trilogy the most - 'the setting of the scene' so to speak. Loved The Golden Compass film (Philip Pullman book):

Nicole Kidman and Dakota Blue Richards in The Golden Compass (2007)

We recently watched Inkheart, which was great fun:

Inkheart (2008)

When Caspar was little a top favourite was Nanny McPhee (I particularly enjoyed the retro styling!) -
Maggie Gyllenhaal dishes Nanny McPhee Returns

The clothes are great, the cottage is fab (I want to live in it) and it is all set in spectacular countryside! I think I now need to move on from this question!!
3. Movies in the theatre or at home?
I couldn't be without either! If I had to choose one it would be at home but when we do go to the cinema it feels like a special occasion and I love it. We go to an Art Deco Cinema - 'The Roxy', where you get a real ticket from the original machine, you can take a tea cup and they will fill it for you and there is a retro popcorn maker and lots of throwback snacks. The theatre itself is pretty huge. Oh, and there is an interval with an ice-cream lady. It rocks.

Roxy Cinema Ulverston | Explore Des Brady's photos on ...

4. Musical or Play?  Don't judge me when I say I am not a fan of either. I get really cringy and squirmy in most musicals and I'm not a fan of plays. The last play I went to see was rather good though. It was Hamlet by the Royal Shakespeare Company in the mid 1990s, in my home town and the lead role was played by this man!
17 Best images about Alan Rickman on Pinterest | Theatres ...

I also went to a play with my parents in London around the same time - we had to evacuate due to an IRA bomb threat. I have seen two Musicals that I kind of liked. Moulin Rouge in a fabulous cinema near my house Brussels at de Brouckere:
For devotees of cinema Expats in Brussels, settling and ...

And a couple of years ago 'Les Miserables' at our local theatre, where my nephew played the lead role of Jean Valjean and blew us all away. Apart from that I actively avoid musicals. I would rather eat a bowl of sawdust than watch 'Legally Blonde the Musical.' I had to skim through most of the other night when Riverdale became a musical, I was squirming with embarrassment it was so cringe. Apologies if this makes me sound miserable!
5. Which meal is your favourite of the day to eat out?
I loving getting dressed to go out of a night but my favourite was to be #teamswanson - Breakfast!
I would post my Eggs Royale pic again but I don't want to bore you to death. Instead behold the greatest breakfasting venue in the world - what was once the world's biggest cafetiera - TAMU's north side campus Sbisa Hall. It is now all fancy (I've googled it). 'Back in the day' it was all about the pancakes, the waffles, the omelettes - I had it all, every day - possibly three breakfasts. The tables from a rough hall that didn't have air con would throw balls of paper napkins at you when they thought you looked hot - I remember that. I do miss that American breakfast combination we don't do here of pancakes, streaky bacon and maple syrup - yummo! And there is nothing better than going out on a really empty stomach first thing in the morning to fill up on sweet and savoury breakfast food. It is worth visiting the States alone for the breakfasts. Our greasy full English just isn't as good. Neither are the French versions (despite the pain au chocolat) or the Spanish versions with all the pastries, ham and cheese.
6. Favourite book ever read?
Of course is it this one, Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy - I will stop mentioning it after this post, honest.

7. Game Night - Yes or No?
Yaaaaasss! We always complete a big family meal on special occasions with a game or two. Either a board game or 'who am I' where you get a piece of paper stuck to your head and have to guess who you are by asking questions that get a yes or no answer. My Mum always guesses who she wants to me be - like Catherine Zeta-Jones. My Dad always guesses he is Humphrey Bogart. When tipsy the game is even more fun. If we play a board game it is Cluedo, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders or Risk:

We also love a good game of cards - notably 'stop the cab' - a three card game of pontoon. I was taught it by my grand-parents and we paid for pennines - now every generation plays it. I love these playing cards - I have no idea how I 'acquired' them!

8. Favourite outside game to play?
Other than hide and seek? Only joking! It has to be beach cricket!

9.Favourite TV series ever?
Latterly Parks, but in terms of how excited I would get about watching something, how much I had to discuss it afterwards and how much of a pivotal part it played in my life (ha!!) it has to be this:

Downton Abbey Season 1 - Downton Abbey Photo (31759162 ...
10.Sitcoms growing up or sitcoms today?
Do you know what, I really can't remember watching any sit-coms except 'Blossom' as a teen. I'm not sure I watched soaps either. Someone needs to remind me of an example and see if it jogs my memory! OH - does the Wonder Years count? I LOVED that. I get very nostalgic when I hear that music! My husband is exceptionally sentimental about Cheers - is that a sitcom?
11. Miniature golf or bowling?
I love miniature golf and bowling! Our local alley closed and we don't have a miniature golf - but we do have Golf at the links in the village, on the coast road. We can all play (well I can hot the ball sometimes, as well as trees etc), it is inexpensive and open til dark on a summer's evening:

12. Favourite Movie Theatre Candy?
I am not a big sweets person but every so often I do love a big tub of popcorn (with my cup of tea). Ooh and I will pinch my husband's maltesers.
13. How do you like your popcorn?
It only comes one way in our cinema, lightly sugared!
14. 3D movies with glasses, yes or no?
No, makes me feel sick. Plus it is another thing to forget - when the glasses first came out I would take Caspar and friends to a 3D film, get there each time and have to buy more pairs. I have a drawer of them.
15. Favourite genre of books to read
Georgian or early Victorian - in a rural setting - so 'Lark Rise to Candleford', Hardy, I have quite a few travel books where people travelled Britain on horseback and wrote about what they saw and did - could read them again and again.

Linking up with Erika and Narci:


Thanks for hanging on in there reading all of this chaps!  Have a lovely week-end! Joanne x


First of all, I am jealous of all your beautiful weather! We've had it lately too, but next week looks like it's back to rain. Secondly, talk to me about this "lightly sugared" popcorn! I am so intrigued. Popcorn is my favorite snack food (especially movie theater popcorn!) but I've never had it that way. In the states they usually drench it in butter. ;)
Europafox said…
I have no idea how they do it - when we go to see 'Han Solo' (my life is a series of boy movies) - I will ask at the cinema - it tastes of sugar but there is not butter / full covering / crystals of butter. You actually eat it and feel better - like it's more corn than anything. The machine is probably 80 years old - I will find out. They are very obliging!! Joanne x
LMW said…
Just found you via Momfessionals.... and now I want to live vicariously through you. I am a Texas girl so Love your somewhat Texas roots.
Europafox said…
Thanks so much for visiting - I LOVE connecting with Texans again - Texas remains my spiritual home! Looking forward to reading your blog - Joanne x
What a great week! That Nespresso coffee looks so good, and I'm not even a coffee drinker (weird, I know lol). Those calves and the lamb are so cute. I love a good game night too but haven't had one in awhile. I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid
Europafox said…
It has been fab Sierra, glad we made the most of it as it is now raining! It coyld be very much a board game and frothy coffee weather week-end! Have a lovely couple of days, hay fever free I hope! :) Joanne x
I'm so glad you are enjoying beautiful weather! That makes all the difference, doesn't it?!?
Europafox said…
It really does! It's like coming out of winter hibernation and seeing the world in a different way again! Hope you have a lovely week-end x
I've been feeling the same way about our cars-they are both paid for and that's really nice-but there is nothing like that new car feeling!!
Europafox said…
Oh I know once you start looking you realise a bright shiny new thing would be quite nice, especially if in my case I could listen to some music and get some tech help in parking! But now my old beach buggy is back from the brink I am very happy! :)
Europafox said…
LMW just realised you fon't blog now and finished in 2014, that's a shame! Are you on instagram?

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