Friday Favourites 18.05.18 - Friends, Fields, Furries and Flowers

 It's Friday - yippee! This week has disappeared! The long days of sunshine have been  jam packed - and the week started exceptionally well with a hen party for friend Lyndsay who is getting married in a couple of weeks.
 I have known Lyndsay since college, when we were sixteen and we live in the same village. Back then at school it was a little different:
 This was the mid 90s and we were at a festival. The boy on the end was my first boyfriend and he was a foot taller than me. Now don't judge on the photo below - this was taken in my bedroom - there is me on the far right with the big hair and Vivienne Westwood tight shiny top (which I found in a box marked 1996 in the garage last month). We were excited my parents let us have alcohol and wanted it in the photo. Lyndsay was the classy one on the far left just holding a glass.

Be prepared for a random favourites jump around here. I love little pieces of prettiness in random situations. So here we have favourite no 2 -  a Cath Kidston collaboration with Heinz to make a pretty soup can - it almost makes me chuckle to think of how random that sounds - but why not make everything as nice as can be?

Number three is my trusty summer Brakeburn back pack. I grew up in Dorset ages 6-14 so any company from there sparks as much affection as Cumbrian ones:

 Number four is how soppy Humphrey is getting as he gets older -  he loves nothing more than to grab a blanket or towel and sit with you on the floor - he always looks so proud of himself:

But then does something naughty like this. I can't work out if it is cute or cruel - of course we intervene straight away but the silly cat just lies there:

 Number five is the village guerrilla gardeners - there are at least two of the older gents who last winter and those before, planted little gardens of flowers, fruit and bulbs in random places, like along this public greenway:

 This spring someone has also bought wooden planters and dotted them along the streets, filled with flowers. Number six is the first hawthorn blossom spotted yesterday - very soon all the hedgerows will be bursting with blossoms:
 And the forget me nots popping up everywhere. I love the fact they self-seed and grow just about anywhere:

Number 7, my crew clothing parcels that arrived yesterday!

 An ever wearable and practical navy - nautical type outfit that will get a ton of wear:

Number 8  - the stunning countryside that is coming to life and makes me happy everyday:

Finally - getting excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow! Which designer will Meghan choose? I am guessing someone British and young. I have checked out Emilia Wickstead Bespoke and a lot of her designs are very austere, I am not a fan but it could be a distinct possibility. Here is one from left-field and non-British, Elie Saab:

I still haven't decided where to watch the wedding itself and with whom, but there will be tea and biscuits hopefully. I have to get to Marks and Spencer and get a commemorative biscuit tin ASAP:

Stack of royal shortbread biscuit tins

Wedding cake, champagne and baked treats with flowers

Have a lovely Friday everyone! Linking up with Erika and Narci for Friday Favourites:

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Ascott said…
The photos of Humphrey are so cute! I love your throw back pictures, too. Happy Friday!
Shannon said…
I can't get enough of your outdoor pictures- what a stunning view! And your dog is just too precious :)
I'm so excited for the Royal Wedding tomorrow too and am also looking forward to the dress unveiling! I'm sure the excitement is at an all time high in the UK! Eeck!!!
Europafox said…
Thanks Amy! Have a great week-end!
Europafox said…
Thanks Shannon - I tell myself to stop taking pictures of the fields but I can't do it - each time I walk through them, different phases of spring or different lights catch my eye. CANNOT WAIT until tomorrow but I must be the only person I know going on about it! Crazy eh? We won't get another one for about 30 years after this!
We had a cat by the name of James who grew up with a litter of puppies that arrived when he was a kitten. They would all gnaw gently on his head when they were playing with him. Didn't seem to bother him a bit, though it was kind of gross how his head was always covered in dog drool.
Europafox said…
Oh blimey! Yes Timmy doesn't appear to mind it either. I'll just leave them to it. The cats have super weapons at their disposal and just don't use them. They are basically luve teddy bears.
Bri Runde said…
The dog and cat picture is ADORABLE!!!! Have a great weekend!
I just always love your posts! Especially the great flashback pictures.
I adore the nautical sweater you got! I would wear that all the time. Looks awesome on you. Humph and your cat are just so cute!! I'm sure he is in trouble, but the picture is just precious.
Europafox said…
Awww thank you - it really means a lot, especially when I am still gaining my confidence with all of this! :) I think that sweater is going to be a year on year winner - THANK YOU for your kind comments. Humph stays in trouble for about 10 seconds and then it is impossible to get cross at him - I am sure you are the same with your pug troope, although I am sure they are good as gold ;)

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