Tuesday Talk 17.04.18 - Hayfever!

Hey everyone! This is a quickie blog post on my lunch break for the Tuesday Talk link up. I want to talk about the dreaded hayfever! Hay fever season will soon be upon us here in Cumbria and has possibly already started in some warmer parts of the world (I saw those pollen photos on Magnolia Mamas' blog in Georgia and oh my oh my!). I've had hayfever since a child, and in those days it was truly dreadful. It has eased as I've got older, but still have to take care - especially around my eyes. Being surrounded by fields I have developed a few tactics in my armoury to hopefully delay symptoms for as long as possible. I only use pharmaceutical anti-histamines as a last resort as I'd prefer to avoid the side effects of the medicine, as I don't really want to be taking anti-histamines each day for a quarter of the year! Here are some tips and tricks I've discovered, plus some new ones I am trying this year. It's only early stages so I may try some other remedies too, but here's my starter for ten:

1. Drinking teas containing natural anti-histamines
Drinking coffee stimulates your body to produce histamine - so I am really trying to limit my coffee consumption to the odd treat. Instead I'm trying to drink more teas containing nettle - a natural anti-histamine (and also to try cooking with fresh leaves). I love nettle tea anyway as full of iron and a good natural cleanser:

2. Taking supplements with natural anti-histamines: Quercetin

I have been tipped off recently that Quercetin is also a natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory, so I am giving that a go! It also contains Bromelain, an anti-inflammatory which can help ease mucous membranes.

3. Natural honey - we buy (raw) local honey from two villages away and take it daily - apparently it gets your body used to the local pollen. I don't think this works on it's own but does lessen the symptoms. I couldn't find an image of the honey I buy but I will buy this one if my current stockist runs out (it has been a bad few years for honey production):

4. Washing it off
Showering of a night, not drying laundry outside, changing pillows daily, washing the pets constantly - basically everything that comes into contact with pollen. I tend to switch my walks from the country to the beach as well. I know this is not possible for everyone but there must be something in the salty air that provides relief!

5. Tackling the symptoms
-Spent chamomile tea bags on the eyes
-Saline wash for the nose
-Herbalist made eye treatments - compresses with eye-bright, golden seal, witch hazel
-Increasing the amount of onions and garlic eaten (for the quercetin)
-Taking supplements / eating more turmeric - anti-inflammatory
-Drinking ginger tea and cooking with ginger - anti-inflammatory
-Probiotics - to improve immune system response
-Limiting dairy as it increases mucous production and inflammatory responses in the body

Apologies this is such a quick fire post! Would really welcome other any natural remedies from  fellow hayfever sufferers! For anyone interested I can let you know how this programme works!

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