Girly nights out: Friday Favourites 20.04.18

  Friday Favourites is here again - yay! One theme dominates this week and that is - 1. Pre-baby dinner with the girls! Ely and I treated Georgie to her 2 week prior to delivery tea at The Sawn Hotel, Newby Bridge. The flowers we had delivered as a surprise for the able were lovely and we were fortunate enough to get this lovely booth by the fire. The only tricky part of the night was that I had literally no time to get read - I'd thrown my dress, shoes, a bit of makeup and a comb into a bag and had to get changed in 5 mins at the loo at work. Threw back a small wine with Ely and Andy and Caspar drove us all to the hotel so we could have a drink. And what a drink! They made possibly the strongest Margarita I've ever had - which at 17:30, on someone who doesn't drink too frequently these days, was quite an 'eye-opener'. We then drank wine with the meal (lamb koftas with hummus, salad, on a house made flat bread - delish). All within the space of an hour or so. Even when I walked the dog after getting home I was quite squiffy - sooo out of practice! It was so nice to get quality time with these kids away from the children and babies - we decided 'treat yo mamas' needs to be a more regular occurrence, rather than just the cafes and playgrounds.

Second favourite has to the Swan Hotel itself. I shouldn't really be promoting a rival hotel but it was fabuloso - I love the mix of bold quirky décor with some traditional features. The hotel had different zones, that mixed florals with urban industrial and it worked brilliantly:
 The River Room - loved the juxtaposition of the flagstones and the florals.
 Our booth - super pretty!
 This is the type of simple, traditional pub area that I love most!
 Ooh very like our bedroom wallpaper!
 How cool is reception? Very welcoming. Loved the fact the staff were all dressed differently, but with a country - Joules vibe - checked and tattersall shirts and the like.
 Even some awesome wallpaper in the loos. And ESPA toiletries - looooovely.
 We will be back for drinkies in the sun by the river.

 Until the next time!
This is my third favourite - it came to my (kind of rescue) the next day as I struggled through. Tried it as a sample earlier in the year and loved it. It is very palatable and good for the tummy and skin (double win!).
 Fourth Favourite has to be the Lambs - again! I can't resist! Their bleating and jumping about and sunbathing is just simply adorable.
 Ok, these aren't adorable but they are my fifth favourite. Tadpoles. I haven't seen any for years and then the other week, while making and instastory some frogspawn caught my attention in some tractor ditches. The spawn is now tadpoles and I am checking them every day like they are my babies. Every time it is sunny I take a mug and have to bail out the ones getting stuck in the mud. This yesterday involved me getting covered in mud and Humphrey probably ruining my efforts by stomping through the puddles. If I even seen a handful become froglets I will be happy. I feel like a kind of covert nature warden in my village. Constantly rescuing animals large and small from sticky situations.
 Getting to bear all on the beach was my sixth favourite - 16 degrees centigrade! I couldn't cope with my shirt on so stripped to my vest - it was wonderful basking in the rays. Note of caution though - my arms and legs are super sun damaged with sun spots (you can see them above). After years of sunbathing I need ot be really careful and wear an SPF all the time, or generally stay out of the sun (nooooo!). If anyone has ANY tips on if I can get rid of these body son spots please tell me, they really make me self-conscious.
Ok - this is a really boring one!!  Seventh favourite of the week is getting a new washing machine.  Quite an unexpected expenditure (just after we got the whole kitchen re-done - nice). However, last week our old one that had lasted 14 years broke and flooded the kitchen. It went all under the lino and through the walls. We were worried the floating floors would fall through. We spent an evening after a very long day bailing and mopping and then it took 3 days to dry out. Where it came through the walls we had just recently got it painted and it is now flaking. When this got fitted it took 1.75 hrs longer then expected and we will get a big bill. Plus they couldn't get the door back on and now we have to get a new kitchen door. Notwithstanding, I am excited to use this new beast. I haven't used it yet and we've had it a couple of days. It has a 60+ page user guide. I don't understand it. I am just going to press some buttons and cross my fingers. If it fills with water and the kitchen doesn't flood I'll be happy.

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! I hope in the colder places in the world it is now warming up for you!
Joanne x

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Jenn said…
That hotel is gorgeous! Those pretty pink floral chairs! What a nice night out--and you look great for having no time to get ready! I'm having a little girls night tonight and I can't wait!!
Europafox said…
Thanks for visiting Jenn, and for your kind comments! It was a super fun night and a real treat - have a wonderful night with your friends tonight! 🍹
Andrea Nine said…
The Swan Hotel looks beautiful as do you! So glad you had a great time!
That hotel looks so beautiful! What a fun tea for your friend. I can completely relate when a drink is too strong. I rarely drink anymore and when I have a strong drink I can barely finish it before I start to feel it lol. I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid
Brandi Little said…
My word, that hotel is stunning!!! I could live there forever, haha! Perfect for a baby shower. Have a lovely weekend!
What an adorable and cool hotel! Perfect for a night out with friends, it looks like. Love your outfit too-it looks like you put a lot of effort into that look, even though you said you didn't!
And, I'm so sorry about your washing machine incident. That sounds like a nightmare! Hopefully everything is dried out now, and your new one won't cause any trouble.

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