On the road for a pre Birthday overnighter!

Following a lovely Mothering Sunday we are en route to Manchester for a pre birthday overnigher - super excited! Apologies if this post is a bit shoddy, blogging from my phone!

Mother's Day has been lovely - we took my Mum out for lunch at our favourite cafe.


Anonymous said…
Yay ! Enjoy and have a great week !
Happy Mothers Day to you! We celebrate in May so I have to wait awhile. Looks like you're having a good road trip!
Europafox said…
Thanks Beth and Tammy! We had a great Mothers Day and then overnighter and day in Manchester - went to some great restaurants and had a few cocktails and some quality time - looking forward to posting about it tomorrow! Hope you both had great week-ends too x P.S. wonder why we have different dates for Mother's Day (the nerd in me wants to google it!)

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