My Easter Basket: Girl Chat link Up

 Linking up today with Danielle and Lindsay to share what I am putting in my Easter basket!
 I'm afraid this was a rather thrown together higgledy-piggeldy affair! I am not a crafter (yet - I'd like to be!) so I threw this together while trying to cook dinner and stop the cat and dog from fighting. My Mum gave me the basket and the chicks on sticks, I used some old ribbons from by 'ribbon jar' (basically nice grosgrain ribbon from presents given to me I couldn't bear to throw out), the flowers from some pink tulips that were necking in their vases, which I sellotaped to the inside of the basket, Green and Blacks Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate my Mum gave Caspar today to save for Easter Sunday, a hand-painted bunny and chick (made by the same chap who lives in the town adjacent and makes the birds and houses), two tiny nastursium (spelling?) flowers from the garden and three hand-knitted crème eggs cover chicks I bought from the indoor market that had been hand-knitted by a local lady for charity - they came with the Crème Eggs already in them (see below)
I loved the fact they were also raising money for a local children's charity

The chap who makes these is called Peter and I love practically everything he makes - plus to buy they are less than £10 each - cheap as chips!
Caspar doesn't like a lot of sweets of chocolate (he's probably prefer a basket of meat!). We didn't do a basket of meat though - instead we got him some Easter Egg themed bath bombs from Ulverston and the putty soap you can mould while in the bath -he might be eleven but he still loves this stuff - heck, I would too - even the putty!

We do have a few Easter décor items but I won't get these out til Good Friday and won't display them til Easter Sunday. Also hope to make some 'pace eggs' which I think is really a Cumbrian / Lancastrian tradition (centuries old probably) of hard boiling eggs in onion skins and spinach / beetroot water. They come out really pretty and marbled. You then take them to a big hill along with everyone else on Easter Sunday and throw them down and see whose stays most intact. We will take ours to a local 'amphitheatre' which is on old Cistercian Abbey Ground. People take chocolate eggs too and I used to as a child when the 'goodies' were still in the centre of the eggs and you would rolls them to break them open. if it was bad weather we'd throw them down the stairs!

Easter Monday I will be going to the village but 3 - where on the green the local Morris Dancers (cue men and women in funny clothes and hats with bells on their ankles banging sticks as they dance) perform a traditional Easter 'Mummers' play as they would have done for hundreds of years in the village until the early c.20. My husband can't stand stuff like that but I love old country traditions and will certainly bribe him with chocolate to attend!


Girl Meets Bow said…
Your Easter baskets are SO adorable! I miss the days of hunting for eggs and seeing what goodies the bunny hid- ha! :)
I love reading about the cultural traditions that make a place unique. You have a lot of them. It's great. I'm thinking that an egg actually boiled in onion skins and beet juice (I know some people soak already-boiled eggs in those things to dye them naturally, though) would taste enough like onion and beet that throwing it down a hill might be the best use for it. :-)
Europafox said…
Haha - yes definitely not for eating - will stick to chocolate for that! BTW Gentry - the Easter bunny is only vaguely becoming a thing here - you would have been disappointed as a child here! I hope it's a tradition that takes off! We've always done it for Caspar as I did it at my Aunt's house in San Diego and it stuck after that! Joanne x

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