Eye-Spy Easter Shopping: Inside my shopping basket

 Has anyone else been braving the supermarkets / shops today to do some last minute Easter shopping? We headed out first thing (in the bitter cold again I must say) and arrived at the butcher to find a queue around the corner! I couldn't help feeling discreetly relieved that I'd pre-ordered our leg of lamb a week ago. It was massive! I hope it fits in the oven!

I was wearing something from my TK Maxx Purchases while Squiffy collection today. Love that fact it is bright, looks great with cerulean, however - at 4 degrees I froze while wearing it.
 Caspar was a little hero today (aside from skidding down the aisles on the trolley but which child doesn't do that - or adult, if you include me - we tend to actually both mess around quite a lot in supermarkets). He helped me find things and snuck in with his little chubby hands and retrieved things the adults were trying to find and couldn't (i.e. the last of the Cartmel Village Store Sticky Toffee Puddings). He helped me pack up and also lug bags into the car. I have been cultivating this behaviour for many years now; the ultimate goal being he becomes a full-on shopping Sherpa. Any-hoo, I thought it would be fun to post the actual contents of our super-market sweep. Booths is my favourite supermarket (in fact the only one I actually enjoy going in, bar M&S of course).  I was going to buy lots of raw materials to make a raw chocolate torte for Easter Sunday, but in true slummy mummy style forgot to write the ingredients down before I left the house, so ended up buying some pre-made puddings, custard and Haagen-Dazs ( still the best ice-cream I could find - even compared to some of the artisan brands as no bad stuff in the ingredients). Got some great organic wine (Stellar Organics) in a bid to avoid a sulphite headache, daffs and tulips of course ( a weekly thing at the moment), Easter cupcakes, venison steaks for next week (apparently less cholesterol than beef steak - need to figure out a sauce / jus though), mint sauce for the lamb (it really helps with the digestion of the lamb!), and - after calling my Mum -  yes, I am that clueless with basic cooking - I bought some lamb stock and cornflour - as apparently this can make a gravy. Oh everyone is in for a treat on Sunday (ahem!) - I really do need to start cooking more.
 I think people thought I was seriously mental when I took this photo. But I walked passed the shelf and made an audible, excited gasp - they have started selling my favourite natural brand skincare line, Balance Me! What supermarket does that? It is such a niche product and I'd only been able to source it before on naturisimo. They also sell Faith in Nature, Burts Bees and a load of other natural brands. This is dangerous. I will now be throwing £30 face oil in my shopping basket along with the groceries.

This has to be one of the nicest settings as well for a supermarket don't you think?

I also found these eggs in Booths - cool eh? I was tempted to buy one even though everyone already has an egg. Stopped myself and will make a mental note to get one next year for someone - Montezuma is really egg-cellent chocolate as well (cue cringe).

It was such a shame I was driving as check out the fab tasting station they had today - divine chocolate and whitely gin. We sell it at the hotel and the Rhubarb gin goes down a storm - you serve it with Appletise (crazy sounding I know). I really wanted to try the Quince or Ginger Gin. I will return on Monday and hope it's still there.
 So Easter Sunday I will be putting these in the oven - love the packaging for both. The Treacle Tart looks like it has a film of brown mould on it but obviously it doesn't - I am sure it is just tons and tons of glucose or saturated fat. We are aiming for a 'super-stodge Sunday' tomorrow (before the healthy eating starts again Monday ha!).

After all that shopping I came home and after lunch had a Mum powernap followed by a coffee and a dog walk. I really now need to log off and do some cleaning for tomorrow, and somehow deal with the laundry mountain we seem to have accrued (why is it always like that at the end of term?!).  It's a glamourous life! Hope everyone else's preparations are going well - anyone starting cooking for tomorrow or got a big family meal ahead of them?


Ooo, I have some venison advice! I cook a lot of it. Best thing to do is salt and pepper the steaks generously, then sear them in a hot pan with bacon grease (or other oil that can get hot without burning) to cook to about medium doneness (don't know how thick yours are, so can't tell you how long).Take the steaks out and over them to rest, take the pan off the heat, add some finely chopped shallots and minced garlic to the pan after it cools a bit, and cook for just a bit (don't burn them!), put the pan back on medium heat, add red wine, boil that until it's reduced and syrupy, then either swirl in a chunk of cold butter, or add heavy cream. I often slice the steaks and put the pieces back in the pan with the sauce, to coat them all over, but you can just pour the sauce over the steaks for a better presentation.

We're having hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes for Easter dinner. I can't stand supermarket ham or lamb (too used to our own home-raised lamb or my MiL's farmer-brother's hams from his pigs). I'm making the (sourdough) hamburger buns from scratch, the french fries the real way in oil on the stove, and we never make milkshakes at home, so it's a special meal for us.
Very smart of you to train your child to be a grocery sherpa!

We had seafood, scalloped potatoes, roasted asparagus, deviled eggs, cole slaw, and strawberry cake. All by my mom!
Europafox said…
Oh Lordy Kristin that is an amazing recipe - THANK YOU for posting it! I am trying it tomorrow and will post on the results (hopefully I won't destroy your recipe!)
Europafox said…
Steph! Hello! Thanks for popping by! Your Mum's Easter Lunch sounds fabulous - what a cook! You lucky thing. I am visiting your blog to take a look and see if you posted pics x
Amy Scott said…
Thanks for all of the photos! I’m from Kentucky and I find foreign supermarkets very interesting - I embarrassed my boys in a German grocery store recently! Our Easter dinner was ham, little potatoes, broccoli cheddar casserole, rolls, asparagus, and deviled eggs. Do you have deviled eggs? How do you make your potatoes? They looked perfect!
Europafox said…
Hey Amy - so happy you posted! I am fascinated with other country's supermarkets too - I love the fact in yours you can buy literally anything!! German ones are great aren't they - all the funny names they have for things. Your Easter lunch sounds delicious. We don't have devilled eggs at all - but I do hear about them in US movies - or Ron Swanson in parks obsessing about them - but I have no idea what they are - you will have to tell me! I can post on the spuds this week (maybe in Friday favourites) - they will always be a Friday favourite! :)
Amy Scott said…
I love Ron Swanson! I don’t know why I waited so long to watch Parks and Rec! Ok, so you hard boil your eggs, peel them, cut in half, set the whites aside. Pop the hard yolks into a mixing bowl and add a touch of mustard and some mayo. I think miracle whip tastes better but not sure if you have that? Beat the mixture with electric beaters and put in the white of egg. Sprinkle with paprika.
It’s a very typical summer picnic food in Kentucky.
My supermarket has a few aisles of international products and they have British products!
Europafox said…
Ron Swanson is an American IDOL - that's all I have to say. We are getting my husband his 'pyramid of success' on a mug for his birthday - have you seen it? Ok devilled eggs sound amazing - I am going to make some next time we make up a picnic (I love mayo so this is a no-brainer). Soon as we get to picnic weather I will post a pic and cite as 'Amy's Kentucky Devilled Eggs'. Would love to know what British products your supermarket has! I dare you to take a pic and email it to me - theeuropafox@gmail.com.

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