When Mum and Dad Come to the Rescue

Apologies again for the un-fancy photos (I don't seem to be able yet to pose in a flattering way or style anything)! Day six without a kitchen (the daily countdown is helping me!) - we hadn't wanted to burden the parents with a duty to cook for us or help us with washing but by day six we are gratefully accepting the hospitality! Our house has been FREEZING as the fitter works with the heating off and at 1 degree outside it is not really heating up. My first move at Mum and Dad's tonight was to esconse by the fire - it is always piled up and toasty as they have a small wood in their garden. Despite being well and truly a grown up with my own family there is something very comforting about going to Mum and Dad's, whatever age you are. And bless my Dad - not only did he fix our broken loo today (when something goes around the house it seems to set off a Sod's Law chain reaction) - but before we left tonight he chuckled and told me he had done our washing and 'it had taken him ages to untangle my tights from the dog lead' after he'd taken everything out of the drier.

We live just 10 minutes from my Mum and Dad and family was one of the main reasons I left the big smoke to come back to small town Cumbria. Does anyone else live close to family - or has anyone else come back from away to live near home again? Do you still find you rely on your parents, even though you are a 'grown up' yourself now?


Aww, you seem so content! Being with my parents always makes me feel that way too. I wish they had a fireplace...! I live about an hour away though, so it does make it harder to do spur of the moment.
Europafox said…
Thank you Kristen for visiting my blog! I could have curled up and slept by that fire for hours! It's definitely a 'home is where the heart is' thing isn't it :)
We live close to BOTH sets of our parents and yes, we do rely on them for things at times, especially babysitting! We enjoy spending time with them though so we find it hard to complain!
Europafox said…
Haha Beth we do too! My in laws are 15 minutes away - I don't think I would have survived working and having my son without them! :)

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