The Shirt I Can't Say Goodbye To and Friday Faves

Do you have anything in your wardrobe that you have over-worn and could do with parting with? I have a shirt that needs to go - but every time it goes in the charity pile I reclaim it. I can't possibly replace it - it was made in the UK by Jermyn St tailor Hilditch & Key when they still made Ladies' shirts. It has shell buttons and a double cuff and collar and fits great. It is old and worn - but I still love it!

Took some new stationary bits and bobs into work - I'm loving the turquoise -teal - orange combos - stationary makes me so happy - I can't explain it. Ever since school I have LOVED stationary, notebooks, pencil cases... I am convinced that when using great stationary and office supplies it makes you more organised and happy!

Tried to drink a ton of Pukka Herbs 'Cleanse' this week too - of all the Pukka teabags this is my favourite - and the nettle is great for iron levels too. Nettle takes a while to get used to but most people are hooked once they are used to it - my husband even drinks it (and he is a strong tea and two sugars man).

LOVING raw food / paleo bars with cacao - really needing the boost at the moment. I've tried a ton of brands but Primal Pantry are my favourite - just 5 raw ingredients and a lovely rich chocolate taste - Yummo! Isn't it great to eat chocolate when you can justify it to yourself as healthy.

Apart from Valentine's Day it was a good week - I don't know about anyone else living in a cold, grey climate but I was POOPED this week! Little things have been pick me ups throughout the week though - we had a family day out in Kendal, a lovely market town close to us, and dined at Caspar's top pick Pizza Express. I was a bit apprehensive but tried the vegan pizza with lots of veggies, including artichokes (which I had never tried before) and a 'Non-Alcoholic Spirit' called Seedlip Garden, which was served with a Mediterranean Fever Tree Tonic (the best!), lots of ice and mint. The pizza was great! The vegan mozzarella did not have anything like a cheese texture and I've no idea what it was made from (maybe its best that I don't know) but it was tasty and super light and on a thin base with all the veggies it was quite easy to polish off in it's entirety! When we asked the staff they said it was one of their best sellers - times are a changin'! It won't make me vegan, but I love having these options!

Beth if you are reading this - here is my husband, Andy, who looks a bit like yours'!

I got Andy these Kernow chocolates for V-Day - each box is separately designed by Becky Bettesworth in an Art Deco beach poster style - and the chocolates are to die for. They make such great gifts. It's kind of girly packaging for a man but Andy didn't mind, the chocolate is YUMMO.

Last but not least, as a family we are obsessed with, and watch every night, Parks and Recreation - we seem to be getting more and more involved with the characters. Caspar and I took Humphrey on a walk this afternoon and discussed the characters for half an hour. We are up to where Lesley in Season 6 announces her triplets - conversational topics included - will she name a baby Lil' Sebastian? Where is Ron's wife? Where was Tom this episode? Do we like Craig? How we miss Anne and Chris etc etc, why we need to buy Andy a Ron's 'Pyramid of Success' poster for his 40th, etc etc. I love it. I am trying to plan coping strategies for when we have completed our binge watching.

I love these people. I need to join PAR Anonymous.


Oh my gosh he does look like Nate!! Wow! Too funny! And also you look lovely as always! Xoxo
Kasey Holloway said…
I am totally with you about clothes that always come back from the donation pile! I have a few items that fit that bill! lol My husband and I have been watching Parks and Rec every night and have been loving it as well. We are in season four and I laugh out loud a ton! I think you truly have to get through the first season or two to appreciate the show! :)
Europafox said…
Aww Beth thanks for that! Loving the doppelgangers!
Europafox said…
Hi Kasey! Thanks for visiting! Definitely agree that P&Rec is definitely a grower you need to watch a few seasons of to get into it (or get obsessed with it in my case :)! Joanne x
love that wallpaper!
lauren @
Europafox said…
Hi Lauren! Thanks for visiting the blog! The photo was taken in the loos at work (the hotel my parents own and I manage). The main building is Victorian and it is a glorious chintz-fest! :) Joanne x

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