I have been smart-phone free for years and am about to change that - advice appreciated!

Happy week-end ladies! A confession to all - four years ago I got rid of my smart phone (an I-phone 3). I had immersed myself in the world of texting, social media, calls on the go (no matter where I was or what I was doing) and had endured endless expectations of availability. I got calls from work all the time, had to explain why I wasn't picking up / responding / answering texts straight away. I had found that plans I made with friends were no longer fixed and firm but subject to a stream of re-scheduling texts, updates on lateness. My interactions had become less meaningful and correspondence defined by likes and shares. I had thought that if I ditched the smart-phone I would obtain peace, a better work -life balance and more meaningful relationships with friends plus more quality time for the family. In many ways I was a female Ron Swanson - I wrote letters, shunned direct marketing, resented cookies and tracking and what I perceived as an invasion of privacy. In past jobs I had done research for international governmental bodies, and in academia in fields related to monitoring of citzens emails etc and in protest, went completely analogue. In many ways this has really worked for me - I sent lovely cards and letters on holidays and birthdays, I met with friends in person rather than chatting virtually. I can go out on a walk or shopping or on holiday and have total piece of mind that I am not going to get disturbed. I take a book to waiting rooms if I need entertaining. I save money, etc etc. HOWEVER - I have also realised that the world is not turning back, it is evolving and I need to evolve with it, but on my terms.  My ability to connect and maintain friendships with friends around the world has much diminished. The promises of friends and families to 'write' has not fully materialised, and let's face it - was an unrealistic (and unfair) expectation of mine. I have spent 4 years not taking photos - despite all intents to use an old fashioned film camera. I can't internet bank as my new bank account requires a phone number. I drive an old 4 x 4 with a maximum speed of about 60 that I daren't drive onto A roads for fear of it breaking down and not being able to rung roadside assistance. Friends have to tell me about school facebook messages that my son's school uniform is unclaimed in lost property and I need to pick it up. People have to send messages to me via my husband's phone. I don't listen to new music anymore as I don't have a phone to stream it on. And you have all seen my poor, blurry selfies on my son's ancient Motorola - enough said. I haven't even a clue what a filter is or does.

So, enough is enough - I need a phone. Caspar and I have done some research and the top camera phone seems to be a Samsung Galaxy 8s - do any of y'all (I still say this, even after leaving Texas many years ago!) have any thoughts from this? Or ideas on a better option? Some friends have said they thought a Samsung wasn't as secure as an I-Phone, others have said a Samsung is far better in terms of picture quality.

Super-excited to get this sorted! I am hoping all the good habits I developed without a phone will continue, with the added perks of some cool tech.

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Girl Meets Bow said…
I can't imagine not having a smart phone for years- but I imagine the peace of mind you have is much better than mine :) I'm an Apple/iPhone girl through and through, that's all I've ever had but I love them! Welcome back to the smart phone world!! :)

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