Cold and flu busting tea, vintage tea-pots and imperfect pottery

Last night's snifter has worked! Want to well and truly kick this bug into touch before it takes hold - and before I have to do an hour and half walk in the rain and mud with Humphrey! Stage one was last night's elderberry - rosehip elixir, stage two - a good hot bath with lots of loofah scrubbing to get the toxins out plus a major dose of vitamin C. Stage three: a VAT of this flu and cold busting tea - it contains organically grown Elderflower Echinacea, Yarrow (anti-inflammatory), Plantain (that pesky but useful 'weed' that grows in the cracks of your driveway paving or by the roadside - flushes mucus from the sinuses), and Elderberry (again! proven anti-viral properties).Elderflower can be a diuretic so I will make sure I keep topped up with lots of water.

I always think as well that storing your teas in Kilner jars and pots makes them easier to find but also more pleasant to use. Same with teapots, cups and saucers. I only have a select few, and they are an eclectic mix - this teapot is 1930s / 1940s I would guess and the tea-cup and saucer (although more like a bowl in size!) is handmade in Cumbria - I love imperfect pottery and the fact it is so unsymmetrical. The pale green is a very soothing and restorative colour too.


That teapot is great. One of these days I have to get some more small tea pots for my sons' tea parties. They love nothing more than a (real) tea party in which they each get their own tea cup and small tea pot. Th sugar bowl is the most important part, though. :-)

I will not be getting them anything local and hand-thrown, however. They're a little destructive for something as pretty as your tea pot.
Europafox said…
Thanks Kristin for checking out my blog! I love that your son has tea parties - mine used to love that too (with the teddies). He has been ok with breakables so far - I am the worst culprit - I've broken everything from wedding china to cut glass. I am surprised these teapots have lasted this long! Joanne x

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