Authentic Living

I wanted to create a new blog that would embrace and share all of the wonderful things that can make life wonderful, creative, individual, beautiful and inspirational. It is about finding, sharing and celebrating the authentic things that make ordinary life a pleasure. The simple joys - walks in the countryside and across the beach in snow, thunder, sunshine and frost. Retreating to the cosy and enjoying all that makes the home such a retreat. Exploring real, good, comfort food - fresh, local - food that makes you feel alive. Foraging and collecting wild foods and wild medicine. Looking for beauty and utility in every possession - not minimalism but thoughtful consumption. Celebrating craft and artisanal produce, style not fashion, natural beauty, real books, real correspondence, real relationships. This blog is about the slow, the authentic, the thoughtful, the beautiful plus some other fun stuff and silly commentary along the way. I am not an expert in anything, I do not have a large budget or oodles of time - I am a busy working Mum who hopes to connect to other bloggers and as I learn, document and share this journey.

Humphrey - my English Springer Spaniel Puppy - he has a constant smile!


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