February Flashback Favourites and Mary Queen of Scots

  It has been a busy week with early starts - so forgive my flashback photos! I've dug these out as they are all from the same time of year in previous years - they show how little changes - ice, mist and snow. It is always fun seeing how little changes (scenery, weather) but wow how Caspar has changed! This has to be favourite no 1 of the week - February flashbacks!

The lane to the fields we walk thousands of times a year.

Caspar when he went through a phase of wanting to wear a tie when we went out shopping. He also liked to style it to make it 'smart' - that isn't the case now haha!

Finally - a February when we has about 5 and the tide on the beach opposite the house froze quite dramatically.

THIS photo is of school pals - I found it today and it shows how hideous our uniform was - it makes me laugh. Check out the straw boater on the wall - we had to wear that age 16 - eek! Boy repellent or what.

Favourite no 2 - watching Mary Queen of Scots at the Cinema on Monday with my Mother,  at the Roxy Art Deco Cinema in Ulverston. I love that place. I got my usual cup of tea in the mug I brought. It is a huge place and was a bit chilly - we decided next time to take a blanket. It makes me love the place more.

And so to the film - I won't spoil it if you haven't see in - but be prepared to research the history before or after as this is not entirely historically accurate and misses the plotting that led us to EI's decision (which she waivered over for decades) to execute her cousin. I felt the film tried to highlight the differences between the two queens - one was too much of a Queen to her personal detriment and one was too personal and not enough Queen. One was too ruled by her passions and one perhaps ruled her passions too harshly. One however, was clever enough to knew what it took to be a queen and what she had to sacrifice to do so. There were quite a few narratives that were historically inaccurate and quite obviously introduced to 'modernise' the appeal of the story - but it was too obvious a modern twist and it didn't need it. Equally, it didn't need explicit sex scenes, especially as a 15 rating. And sat next to my Mother it was a bit cringe. Other than that it is worth watching. The scenery was epic.

And of course I am all about #gingerpower.

The trailers we saw included for these:

The Favourite and Colette - we thought The Favourite just looked mad - too OTT, and couldn't really get a grasp of Collette, the trailer was rather short - but Dominic West did look rather dishy:

See the source image

Favourite no 3 - our sponsored child in Rwanda Egide got accepted into boarding school in Rwanda! We are so excited to support him on this new stage of his education.

Favourite no 4 - having such a laugh with my fab hairdresser and gal pal yesterday - and oh, getting a lot of inches chopped off and some subtle highlights put in. I haven't properly styled it yet at home, but when I do I will post a photo. It feels lighter and healthier - a fresh look for Spring!


Favourite no 5 -
Seeing C play so patiently with little Perry today, and Humph getting involved in their game of hide and seek, which involved them both crawling in the dog bed.
Not favourites -  the dog rehoming charity rejected our application for three dogs as they will only accept families who leave a dog for a max of three hours in one day. I leave Humph for 4-5 4 times a week for work. This wasn't acceptable to them :( We may have to go to a breeder again for a puppy, we'll see - watch this place. Also - I am working Saturday this week - booooo! I am hoping we can really make the most of Sunday instead.
Forgive me bloggers that I am behind on reading your blogs this week - I've had two 6am and 06:30 am starts this week and busy afternoons - I feel like I am missing out and hate it - but will catch up tomorrow and at the weekend!
Big Hugs to all - Joanne xx

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Look at little Caspar! I can't! Looking forward to seeing your new haircut... I'm sure it looks great. :) Happy Friday/weekend, friend!
And here's where you say that you can't believe it's been five years since Caspar was that small because it feels like it was just a second ago, right? Or perhaps I'm projecting my own feelings about my not-at-all-little-anymore 9-year-old son. How dare they grow and change so fast.

That three-hour rule seems a bit extreme. I mean, I'm all for dogs going to good homes where they'll be properly cared for, but a dog is quite capable of sleeping for much longer than three hours during the day and not even noticing there aren't any people around. At least, mine was. That is age- and breed-dependent, though, I suppose.
Britt Hensley said…
Oh goodness! Sweet Caspar! I love the tie stage, and my boys went through it too. Now they only want to wear athletic clothes, and I HATE it! Give me my well-dressed boys back. Ha I love studying and reading about the Mary/Elizabeth history. It’s so good. They’re childhoods were just so full of instability & death threats it would have had to create paranoia! I’ve read similar reviews to your’s, so I’m still intrigued!! Happy weekend, friend! Hope you end up getting some rest this weekend.
LMW said…
Sweet tiny Caspar!! He is just the cutest little ginger toddler ever. And I am just excited to see the new do when you style it. I am still dying laughing at the old uniform photo lady, its just awful again so lucky I did not have to wear a uniform ever in school.
Europafox said…
I cut it and it really needed it - and then I thought oops - I forgot I was trying not to straighten my hair anymore - so that lovely sleek style I was going for is more wavyish - STILL - it needed to be done. Please be honest when you see it and let me know if you think it would be better to grow long again. I would REALLY appreciate your honesty - I trust your opinion! Looking forward to heading over to your blog in a sec xx
Europafox said…
I thought three hours was extreme - especially when the dog would be with Humph and would have a ton of exercise and attention. Never mind. At least they are getting homes for the dogs. It does seem like yesterday when he was 5 but also likes ages ago too - it kind of disappeared in a blur. But in as many ways he hasn't changed he has remained the same in more. I think the hardest adjustment (but a good one I guess - shows they are independent) - is when they don't want to spend time with you as much, or need you in the same ways. 9 is an interesting age - BUT I don't think they really change til 11 - or secondary school here. What age is middle school in the US? J xx
Europafox said…
Ooh you are so right Britt about the Tudor history - threats everywhere - especially with the Protestants and Catholics being so at odds back then - each religion backed by different countries. What is the most fascinating theme for me is that women were at the forefront of this titanic struggle. And EI was of course an incredible queen - trying to strike that middle course all the time and thwarting invasion. What a shame her teeth went black like that haha. Aww your boys always look so cute and SMART on their church day photos especially. I love the fact yours had a 'tie phase' too. C just did a careers quiz at school and they were asking all these questions that led to aspirations and skills and personality being matched with a career - the answer that made me chuckle was that he wanted money to buy ' suits' when he was older haha! Too cute. J xx
Europafox said…
Haha Caspar now calls himself the 'Alpha Ginger' ;) YES that uniform was ABYSMAL. And the tracksuit was pure polyester - royal blue, with ski pant style bottoms - they crackled with electricity and were royal blue with a big yellow stripe down the side. Boys and girls had to wear sandals indoors and the boys wore Tweed Blazers (but not nice ones). The headmistress was super strict and dragged people out of under 18 discos in town by the hair. And weighed people. Other than that, she was an icon we all reminisce about. How funny we look back on crazy rules and uniforms, despite them being awful, with such fondness haha! Hope you've had a good week so far xx
Oh my goodness, Casper's photos as a toddler - so adorable! Can't wait to see your new hairdo! And are you in that photo of school friends? If so, which one? Our uniforms were hideous too, and we did everything we could to break the rules with socks and jackets we wore with them. Lol, it was the 70s, and I can remember one nun telling a friend her CPO jacket (abbreviation for US Navy chief petty officer's wool overshirt) was longer than her skirt. It was!
Europafox said…
Ah I was taking the photo (in our cloakroom) _ I don't have any photos at home with me in them - so if I ever get some from my Mother's it will be such a shocker! Breaking the rules on strict uniforms I guess if half the fun - but we couldn't do any of that - it was too strict! I am intrigued about the CPO Jacket - was this a fashion thing or part of the uniform? I am intrigued by the mix of nuns and US Navy uniform - you must fill me in :) Joanne xx

Middle school is 11 here too, some places maybe 12 depending on how they structure the schools. It will be interesting, however, to see if there are any notable changes at that age with my kids going to a school that's so small that ALL the kids are basically together until high school--that is, 14 years old.
Shannon said…
Oh my goodness can Caspar be anymore handsome??? thanks for the movie review on Mary Queen of Scots- I would like to see it but may wait until it comes out on DVD. That's awesome that your sponsored child has been accepted to boarding school! We have a little girl that we sponsor in Asia and I love receiving updates from her. I hope you're staying warm and cozy!
Melissa said…
Oh my goodness, look at those pictures of wee little C! He was so little! Goodness, it goes fast, doesn't it?! I feel time flies every second I look at my boys' faces! Thank you for your thoughts on the Mary Queen of Scots film, too! I've been wanting to see it, but I'm such a history buff, and I'm worried I'd be disappointed. Barring graphic sexual scenes, it does sound like quite a decent film! Hope you're having a lovely start to your week!
Girl Meets Bow said…
Those flashback memories are the sweetest! It’s so crazy how fast time flies! Sad to hear your pup application was denied- I leave Buddy for 9-10 hours at a time so I can’t imagine that 3 hour limit! I know y’all will find the perfect new addition soon though :)
Europafox said…
Yes - that will be interesting Kristin - will it keep them all younger, or make them grow older? Lovely to go to a small school - I did and you really feel like a family. J xx
Europafox said…
Child sponsorship is very rewarding isn't it? And it is lovely that you, like us, get updates directly from our children. I was so relieved that Egide got into boarding school, as if he hadn't, our sponsorship of him would have to have ended - as the foundation we sponsor through is linked to school attendance, and acceptance into private schools have academic criteria. I would have been heartbroken to have not known what would happen to him. It is apparently better for them to be at boarding school - he doesn't have family and this way he gets regular food. I would love to find out more about your sponsored child and the scheme that supports her. I hope you had a lovely weekend Shannon - J xx
Europafox said…
Oh it does and I am feeling we will see a BIG leap with him this year. Especially as boys in his class turn FOURTEEN in Autumn and he won't be 13 til August. Eeek! One morning I will wake up and there will be us and a BLOKE in the house haha! MQS would have been ok without the sex scenes - with my Mum there is was soooo cringe. She just is not one to talk about ANYTHING like that - gosh I didn't even have 'the talk' (about anything) when I was younger. It just turned the plotline into something else - maybe it was trying to be like the Tudors. If you do watch it I'd love to hear what you think about it! Hope things are going well in Snowmaggedon territory this week ;)
Oh my goodness little casper is so precious! I can't get over him in that little tie. It's always fun but pulls at my heart strings to take a trip down memory lane and my little guys aren't even that big yet. Sierra Beautifully Candid
Europafox said…
The tie period was super cute. He also bought (and still has) a very old wallet - he used to feel so important in his tie and with his wallet. He made the day of all the shopkeepers every time we went shopping bless him! It does pull at the heart stings - your little boys won't change too much for ages - I don't think you really see a dig difference til about 11. Thanks for your lovely comment! J xx
Kristen Woolsey said…
Little Caspar! Soooo cute!!
I really appreciated your review of Mary Queen of Scots. I was interested in it, but I had heard quite a bit was changed to make it more cinematic. Good to know about the sex scenes too. I don't understand why that's needed?!
Sorry to hear about your applications getting denied. That really stinks! We leave our dogs at home during the day for way more than 3 hours!
Europafox said…
Oh I know, it melts my heart that photo. Trying to be a little gent! Yes the Director was very clear about making it appeal to modern sensibilities, rather than it being historically accurate - which was a mistake, I think people are too well informed on this particular topic - it is done to death in British schools. The sex scenes were just gratuitous and a bit cringe. I think we are going to have to go back down the puppy route if we want another dog - we are going to be super sensible as this is a bigger commitment - and give ourselves a couple of months to make sure you are fully committed. But I am very 'proody' haha! Yes I think the charity has ridiculous expectations, but hey ho! J xx