Two Weeks Lazy Home Holiday Ahoy & Preggo Week 5!

More on the above later but for now I have one major thing to say - I don't go back to work until 30th July!!! That has to be no1 favourite!  And today Caspar finishes school until 7th September - hurrah! I am looking forward to being almost totally unscheduled. I will not be multi-tasking, or 'cramming things in.' This may sound sad but one of the things I am most looking forward to is cleaning and organise the hours - you may laugh but it gives me such a sense of peace, and as a busy working Mum I rarely get the time to spend on the house that I'd like to, or time to cook from scratch, or organise, or plan.

While the garden died long ago - the lawn sounds like 'toast' when you walk on it (according to Caspar) and it a horrible white straw colour. The vegetable bed, despite spending a fortune watering it is a mixture of wilted to the degree is inedible, coated with slug and snail dried slime (goodbye lettuce) or ravished beyond all recognition by a caterpillar invasion of biblical proportions. The broad bean plant yielded about 6 pods and is now slowly dying and I still water it as I cant bear to watch it die - which I should resign myself to as it certainly won't be producing more food. As you might remember, at the start of the gardening season I adopted a ruthless survival of the fittest policy regarding the vegetable plot. There have, fortunately, been some survivors - herbs and plants of the Mediterranean variety - tomatoes, peppers, oregano, lavender. This will be all I plant next year. Lessons learned. So not a favourite - but a side note!

 To detract from my garden of doom, I have been buying my favourite summer flowers - stocks (fave no2) - do you have these in the States? They smell sensational.

The white flowers (perennials, not idea what they are - planted them in the garden years ago), are incredibly hardy survivors - I have no idea how, but they are blooming in the garden despite it not having rained for what seems like months.

I have made the most of all I have in the garden - buddleia (a lot of people see it as a weed but again, it survives in any condition and attracts bees and butterflies so I love it), lavender and the hardy nameless white flowers.

No 3 has to be Poldark Season 3 - it is the best so far! It genuinely is a DRAMA with lots of baddies, emotional rollercoastering  (new verb) and hide behind your cushion moments. I am not sure if there is any way you can watch it in the US but if you can, and you loved period dramas you MUST!

No 4 favourite is Coconut in all forms - I have tried to cut back on my soya milk consumption so I am drinking more coconut, almond and brown rice milk. This Co-Yo coconut yoghurt only has vegan cultures and tapioca starch added and is 99% coconut - it makes a delicious summer snack - I love it over apple and pumpkin seeds. So far I've managed to stay really healthy with my pregnancy eating - and I've tried to eat a huge variety of foods, especially a ton of leafy greens. I have totally gone off any type of sugary food (coconut kind of ticks that box).

No5 is ridiculously premature nesting - I spent nearly an hour and a half today cleaning out the fridge, covering food and throwing all food away. I don't know if you are a cautious eater but prior to this I really wasn't - I kind of disregarded sell by dates, picked mould of bread and ate it anyway, didn't wash fruit and beg (unless it wasn't organic) and pushed the boat on any 'old food' in the fridge. I am now really trying to break this habit. Having an extra-heighted sense of smell can help with that haha! This could be ridiculously boring showing the contents of my fridge but I've got to be honest about what is floating my boat this week, hahah!

Can I add in as a sub favourite 'decanting'?  I.e. pretty much everything I buy food wise gets decanted into a pottery or glass jar or dish - I like to free stuff from plastic haha! I've spotted some Jersey Royal potatoes that need liberating later on - I don't even like the look of food still in it's original packaging (unless it is beautiful). I know that may sound weird!!

No 7 - heroes who make you realise the human heart can know no bounds:

The selfless heroes who risked their own lives and dived through the caves in Thailand to save the group of young boys. I don't think I need to add further commentary.

No 8 Instastory confessionals - I think I may have taken this too seriously with too much detail haha! Thanks for tagging me Lynn! I found it quite fun - the more I wracked my brain for Uni based confessions, the more I thought of. I was thinking of doing a post next week on University Life (using some pics from Lancaster, St Andrews, Texas A&M and Maastricht, The Netherlands, where I studied) - would this be of interest to anyone?

I really can't figure out a lot of the features on Instagram - hence I am still finding it fun using the basic ones!

No 9 is the realisation that I am really pregnant.  Those of you not interested in this part I've added it at the bottom so it can be skipped. I know some people don't like detailed updates but this is a huge part of my life right now - it is kind of affecting everything and I'd like to share it with my readers. It is often the silly things that you forget as well as pregnancy progresses and I'd like to see this as a bit of an online diary (if that's ok!).

Sunday night I started trying on clothes for work, knowing I was starting to struggle getting into things. I had to relegate eight pairs of trousers,  leaving just two with elasticated waists - expandable baggy pants are my new best friend. ALL by bras bar one were put away and half my workout gear:

 I cannot tell you my relief when I went into Marks and Spencers on my lunch break on Tuesday and got fitted for a 'comfy t-shirt bra' (from the 'sensible' section I usually avoid haha!). I also bought 'big knickers' and a top in the next sized up. Some friends, family and colleagues are looking at my tummy and asking me ' are you sure you are not further along?' or 'are you sure you are not having twins?' Not a clue, but I have my first midwife appointment a week on Tuesday!

The midwife called me and the appointment is not at the doctor's surgery but a chemist (maybe because there was MRSA at the Doctors).

 Here we go - thoughts? Further on than expected? Possibly twins? Ate too many pies? Pop earlier when you have a second child? Just bloating?

No fake tan anymore - sob! I don't have time to put the natural paint on stuff everyday. Plus definitely wearing flats more.

Haven't suffered from sickness (yet), but certain smells continue to make me bork - like one of my husband's aftershaves (Cuban Cedar), or when I was trying to fix a loo at work (oh small business life), the smell of the bleach got me. Have definitely hit a 'pooped' point mid afternoon though, not every day but yesterday I got into bed for 1 and a half hours mid afternoon! Then felt great and carried on as normal! You probably know I am a big fan of the nap.

I know a lot of people don't like a lot of pregnancy detail but hey ho - did any of you who have been pregnant before struggle to sleep early on? I think getting used to only sleeping on the left side will take a bit of time - and a lot of pillows!

N0 10 - my Bloom pregnancy planner arrived - and I cannot wait on my first full day off tomorrow to start filling it out and making lists. We are off to Manchester's Trafford Centre on Sunday (I hope to goodness I don't want to be sick the whole way!!), and I need to make a list of some key maternity clothing essentials. It is probably too soon at 6 weeks to buy baby stuff.

Until then though we are clearing out Caspar's room to make way for a desk (he is getting a custom built gaming PC, no comment) - so the baby stuff we've kept is moving into what will be the nursery, as slowly bit by bit I am taking apart what is currently a dressing room and will as the months go buy, introduce new nursery furniture.  I will have so much fun planning it out, I can't wait!

These are the core items we've kept in Caspar's room that are now in the fledgling nursery in a gap where we have already got rid of some furniture. Some of these are things from my childhood - are any of you the same? Have you kept your own baby things for future children? I've got here a handmade teddy of mine called Griff, my little baby chair and some books - 1980 (ish) Disney, Paddington, my Peter Rabbit, Enid Blyton and so on.

Finally No 9 - I have a beetroot obsession. I must eat about 2-3 beets a day with salad and then have it in smoothies too. It is not a craving, I just love it (I find it really refreshing), and it is full of iron! I guess it is a an obscure vegetable to be so in love with - does anyone else love it?

Can't get enough of my raw smoothies

Please ignore the gross nails. That is tomorrow's project!

Signing out for now but I will be posting a bit more next week now we are on holiday! If anyone wants to suggest any topics for posting this would be most welcome!

Biggest hugs - Joanne x

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Cassidy Adams said…
Yay for time off!! And the "garden of doom" - ha! I just talked to my nana and hers hasn't done well either. I'm glad I didn't get to do mine this year after all... sounds like a rough year for any planting:/. I do love fresh flowers though! I am usually oozing with them this time of year, but somehow I find myself with fake ones right now. I love your pregnancy planner! Its adorable! I will be one who likes to read the updates:). I can relate! Have a great weekend, Joanne!
Shannon said…
Those flowers are gorgeous! I'm sure we have them here but they'd probably wilt in our heat! I feel you on the house cleaning. It tends to get overlooked when I'm working. I actually planned to do a thorough fridge and freezer clean out this week too! I love the nursery treasures- the teddy, chair, and books. So sweet! Best wishes at your upcoming midwife appointment! Have a great weekend Joanne :)
Europafox said…
It genuinely is the garden of doom. Do you remember when someone set up that 'anti-Disney' theme park and it was foul, broken down and repulsive? Well my Mum could win some sort of garden of the year award and do open garden days - mine could be the nemsis 'foul yard of the year award.' It will take some MAJOR work to renovate it. Moving on thank you for being interested in the updates!! I feel you guys are a little support community! Each pregnancy is different and really want to get y'all's advice and help throughout (if that's ok!) - have a lovely week-end Cassidy!
Europafox said…
The scent from stocks is pure summer - I can't get enough of them! Doesn't it feel great to get in control of the house and the fridge is such a good place to start. I know I love having the three bags lined up - chuck, recycle, donate, it gives me such a buzz! Best of luck with your cleaning and organising this week-end! I think seeing the nursery bits start to be put ready in there gives me a boost - week 6 tomorrow and I have tried so hard to take care and be healthy - seeing little progressions (without actually buying anything yet) is ticking that little excited let's move forward' box - yay! Have a great week-end Shannon :)) xx
I hope you have the best two weeks at home taking it easy and doing all the thing you'd like to do. I can completely relate, my house is the first thing to always take the back burner and it needs some attention. Haha I love that Casper thinks the grass sounds like toast. You look so cute with your little bump! I started showing really early with my pregnancies after my first, but you never know! I was in maternity jeans by week 7-8 and they just felt so much more comfortable then trying to make my regular ones work. The smell of my husband's cologne also made my stomach turn and I still don't like him to wear it now. I hope you have a great weekend!! Sierra Beautifully Candid
Amanda Bullard said…
Oh my the flowers just make me happy since I am a flower junkie. I love Brit tv but um...yeah we don't get very much here. Enjoy all the time off you have - I know it will fly by but hopefully you can totally enjoy it at a slow speed. So I am so far away and finished with pregnancies but I can tell you that with my first I never looked pregnant until about 7 months. With my second it was immediate bumpage - as in I found out I was pregnant and two weeks later I had a bump. My midwife shared with me this is totally normal and our body's way of saying, "I know what's going on. I got this." XO - Amanda @
Europafox said…
Thanks Sierra! Tiredness is quite real at the moment and I am working at about half speed! Hey this morning I went to the supermarket and there is a water treatment works nearby and there was obviously a PROBLEM - that was a real test for the stomach! So funny that you are still 'off' Eric's cologne - apparently the heightened sense of smell is some sort of survival mechanism?! Have a great week-end too - take it easy! Joanne xx
Europafox said…
AT 7 months - WOW!! And then straight away? I think consensus is you do pop out more with the second - I am hoping this doesn't mean it goes back slower!! But having read what your midwife said, it makes sense (thanks for sharing that by the way, it is really reassuring!). My bod definitely feels like it is taking it in it's stride so far - fingers crossed. Re the TV - we have a ton of US TV but most of the time is it way behind you, often years - unless something major like GOT. Thanks for your comments and have a fab week-end Amanda! :) Joanne xx
LMW said…
I wish we got that much time off. I think Americans just work too much. You look amazing lady and I love that little bump you have going on. Never thought of pumpkin seeds with my yogurt and fruit, that looks amazing. Have such a relaxing holiday.
Europafox said…
Thanks Lynn, it has come at the right time! Sometimes you need a mental break too from being in charge all the time! 😁 Have a great weekend too! X
lucky you to be off work for so long! we just got back from july 4th holiday and I'm missing it. I totally understand just wanting to be at home, one of the best things for me is to get some coffee and explore a new recipe to plan for and make that week. simple luxuries! I am also not a cautious eater. if there's a small piece of mold on cheese or bread, I wait for my husband to turn his head and just nick it off. I truly believe a certain amount of "germs" promote a healthy immune system!
Europafox said…
Simple luxuries that we tend to rush through and not savour during the week! A slow coffee with conversation can't be beaten. I love the fact you wait for your husband to look away. I do that too but also eat food he leaves on his plate when he's not looking!! I definitely agree on the germ thing, its not good to be too sanitised. Have a fab weekend! J xx
You always have so much good stuff to comment on J!
Your flowers are beautiful! I'm not sure if we have that exact pink flower here, but Bells of Ireland look really similar-but I think those are usually green. Anyway! Your garden adventures sound like mine. I did a lot of experimenting the first year I did it, and now I only plant what I know will be easy and successful. My plants aren't looking that great right now-it's SO hot.
I love reading about your pregnancy, especially because it's balanced with so many other things. Sometimes other bloggers get a little redundant with the preggo updates and it's hard to stay engaged. But, it is a huge part of your life, so I definitely think you should share!
I'm sure you aren't having twins...people's bodies are just different and you show right away. I think it's cute!!
Enjoy your time off!
Yes to the cute belly popping out. I love it. I love everything coconut, so you probably will the entire time. Love that you got a comfy t-shirt bra already and other maternity types of clothes. Totally embrace it. Yes to not going back to work until the end of the month. That is amazing. I am definitely needed a vacation right about now. So I will be in your area-ish on September 8 - 21st.
Europafox said…
I am so glad Kristen you can relate to my gardening, it is such a learning experience, it sure isn't a pretty one either haha! Thanks for thd feedback ref the prenancy posting, I see what you mean. I am liking posting more of the day to day life posts rather than themed posts, so I can't really keep it out. Glad it is not going to put you off! Have a great weekend, J xx
Europafox said…
Hey Danielle first time around I was cramming mysrlf into skinny jeans and wonderbras until the second trimester. That is not happenning this time, plus it is way too hot to be uncomfortable! I am most certainly embracing it this time, especially as i've waited so long x If you get time when you are here and want to meet up I would love to! Hope your weekend isn't too stressful, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family x
Sounds like you are going to have a lovely 2 weeks off. Does your son stay home alone when he is out of school for summer when you have to go to work or does he come along as you work for your family business?

Love the pregnancy updates. So excited that this worked out for you and your husband so quickly the second go around. I have never had a child so I can't comment on whether you "should" be showing at a certain point or not.... but I honestly think that the body does what it needs to in order to accommodate life changes. :)
Britt Hensley said…
Eek! Your baby bump..LOVE!! Share away!!! Your garden of doom..womp womp. Ha that made me giggle so much! Enjoy your time off with your sweet family!!
Europafox said…
Hey, thanks for visiting again! Caspar with having 7 weeks splits accross the family. Luckily I work from home half the day, which really helps! He'll be able to work at the hotel from when he's 13 ' terrifying stuff! I will have to work on his listening skills!! Thank you for your lovely comments re the pregnancy updates. I hope you are having a lovely weekend - Joanne xx
Europafox said…
I was a monster in the end last time Britt, it is going to be quite amusing to watch. Alongside rhe garden of doom we have the 'pile of doom', all the clothes I can no longer fit in, haha! That's exciting though. I guess it will be the pile of doom if I can't fit in them next year post baby hah! Hope your weekend is going well! J xx
Well, you know I myself have posted photos of my fridge contents, so I see nothing wrong with that. :-)

I suspect you just show earlier because of your small frame and because it's a second pregnancy. Not that I've ever seen you in real life, but that's the impression I get online.

I don't have a garden yet this year (I'll plant some fall things when we get to NM), but my MiL's garden is straight burning up. Sounds a lot like your situation--toasty grass and all. Terrible for gardens, but good for lakeshore fun, so my sons are happy even if the farmers aren't. Silver linings . . .
Europafox said…
I love stuff like that, just still trying to work my way around this bloggy world and what to write and what not to - it can be a minefield! You are probably right on the frame thing - it has no-where to go but out and I was the same with Caspar - although a tad later. Yes, burning up is a good way to describe it here where trees are dying its is that dry! Hopefully though we can experience the flip side of it though and get in the sea more this week now were are all off. Glad your boys are having a great time at the lake house - I need to check your photos out! J xx
Sarah said…
I kept so many things from my childhood for my future children! My little girl has gotten to wear a few outfits I wore and she had a few things in her nursery that my mine and my husbands. I'm so sentimental so I love seeing it!
Eh. You write what you want to write. That's the point of a blog. Well, one that you're not trying to make a lot of money off of, anyway. You find your voice and what comes naturally to you, and the people who like that will find you and support you. With a blog, as with life, you can only be yourself.

Deep, right? :-)
Europafox said…
Hi Sarah! Thanks for visiting! Thats amazibg that you kept clothing as well for your daughter. Being sentimental and wanting to keep alive traditions and links with the past is a brilliant thing x
Europafox said…
I think I lwft my comment response to you on the wrong post Kristin, so here it is again haha - l think speaking my mind and not towing the line, and keeping it real, and not reaping the financial benefits of playing it safe and being a yes person has been the story of my life and career, but that's another story haha! Hope you are all still enjoying the lake xx

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