This Weeks' Faves and Pregnancy Week 3-4

Hello Friday! Belated Happy Independence Day America - everyone looked like they had fun, fireworks and lots of red, white and blue of everything! I've never been in the US during 4th of July celebrations and I would love to experience it some day. We did have some big third of July celebrations though! This is my first favourite of the week - my Mum's birthday - she turned 67! I got to wear my new Boden dress. It was excellently expandable to provide room for the steak and ale pie, chips and vegetables that I ate at the pub (our local - see below) last night. I think if you have read my blog for a while you will know we like to eat out at our local village pub and eat pie a lot.

The interior of our local pub
 It is a pretty traditional pub and I love it. I went back on Wednesday night and sat outside with two friends, Helena and Georgie, the weather was perfect - they had meals and I just had a bowl of chips. I didn't take photos though - sometimes it just doesn't seem appropriate (I think we are still for the most part a nation of photo squirmers).

Back to Tuesday - we dined super early (5:30) so we could get home in time to watch the England vs Colombia World Cup game. We watched it with my parents and when it got to the penalty shoot out I could barely watch - it was so nerve wracking. We were over the moon that England won (favourite no2!) and I felt justice was served because the Colombian team played really dirty. EVERYONE was talking about that the next day - even some old ladies that came into the hotel on Wednesday morning for coffee. I am glad we kept our stiff upper lip and did not let them rile us - I was proud of our team, especially Harry Kane. I was messaging with Britt again back and forth via Instagram as she watched the game with her family in Tennessee - that girl is a proper football pro and should be a sports commentator. We play Sweden on Saturday and Andy will be at work - poor him! I love Sweden (I have lots of connections with the country) and I am kind of sad we are playing them - at least if we lose I can still be somewhat happy that they go through.

Well done boys - you did us proud!!!
 Third favourite of the week, just to flit around and have no segway whatsoever - are these  earrings with a front and back earring that I got from M&S for £4 - yes I used a £4 discount voucher I was sent as a loyalty card holder but even at £8 they were a bargain:

Fourth favourite is the first episode of season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise.  I hate that we are so behind the real time episodes in the US but this series is still a ton of fun. Caspar actually watched the recording before I did. We both agree that Chad has some issues but other people don't help - it is like watching a hormonal hungry bear being poked with a stick. He needs friends and a girlfriend who can neutralise him and cool him down - I feel kind of sorry for him, it was like he was getting drunk to cope with the crazy attentions of Lace who seemed to get off scot-free in it all. Plus everyone was soooo unforgiving of his indiscretions and drunkenness - I know they didn't go there to be around that but they all seemed so condemning and judgemental. Anyhoo - I don't have any favourites so far. I find Nick very smarmy although he seems a nice guy, just not my type. I am not super interested in the other characters. I am looking forward to when all the alpha male sparring starts over Caila, that should make good TV. Josh looked so different on the preview and he came across quite aggressive - so there you go, good TV.

Fifth favourite - the weather is FINALLY cooling down, we have a couple of whispy clouds and a breeze. It is now very pleasant and the pollen count is dropping - YAAAAY! The last couple of days I have been walking out onto the sands with Humph and walking into the sea ( we have to walk quite a way out, across a path that only the locals know to get through the seagrass). On Wednesday I worse shorts and waded out for about 20 minutes in water that was like a warm bath - it was gorgeous and great exercise walking in the water for that long!

I told H and G yesterday about this and asked if next time they came over they wanted to do the same but they were both a bit nervous about walking out on the sands as notoriously dangerous. I think it only when you get to know the tides and the sands that you can confidently go out. Even today though I noticed the tide was turning and had to head quite quickly to shore (tide is very slow this time of year but at certain times people have been caught in it and died). Seeing these guys in the water speeded my exit too hahah!:

I then realised I hadn't taken a straight route from the shoreline and lost my shoes. I was really happy to find our footprints form earlier and trace them back to my shoes!

Since finding out I was pregnant on Sunday I have stopped wearing fake tan. I did put some of this Divine Legs by Caudalie (sixth favourite) on though on Wednesday evening when I went out in a dress for a drink with the girls. It is a natural product, doesn't enhance sun spots like a fake tan does and kind of has a nice skin tone improvement element to is as well. The colour looks terrifying but it really doesn't come out that way! I am thinking of trying more Caudalie products - especially the sun care - the French are so good at high quality cosmetics and when it comes to natural suncare I don't want to mess about. Some of the mineral based SPFs I have tried from natural brands come out and stay so white on the skin they look ridiculous, so I definitely need a new brand to try.

Ok moving on to this week's pregnancy update at week 3-4 (favourite no seven!). THIS is my tummy at 08:15 am before going to work. Until a week ago it was totally flat, in fact hollowish when I laid on my back. This is CRAZY considering I am only housing a blastocyst / poppy seed sized embryo. It tends to be less like this as the day goes on so I am thinking this could be a lot of progesterone induced bloating. I tried three pairs of trousers on for work and couldn't get in ANY -  hence the panic induced mismatched outfit I ended up wearing to work that you can see here:

Since overcoming caffeine withdrawal symptoms on Monday I have felt a lot better. Aside from filling the car with petrol on Wednesday morning and the smell of the petrol fumes making me bork (dry heave in case I am using an English colloquialism here!) as I was filling up, I have only had very very minor waves of momentary nausea first thing.  I have felt a little tired, especially after giving up caffeine, but I am coping with this via power napping when I have a mind afternoon dip (favourite no 8!)- anything between 15 minutes and 30 minutes ( I set my alarm), and it has really helped! Plus I have been eating quite regularly and as healthy as possible - things like:

Breakfast -  brown sour-dough with tofu sausage or pumpkin rye-bread with almond butter
Mid Morning - a green smoothie with lots of leafy greens
Lunch - chicken, tuna or wild salmon salad (organic)
Mid-Afternoon -  Dark, raw chocolate, then soya - coconut yoghurt with seeds, nuts and fruit
Dinner - More of a splurge - so then pie, chips etc (as a treat, not a regular thing), or something at home with carbs like brown spelt pasta, tofu with basil and garden herbs and an organic tomato sauce.

I went for an appt with my GP - it took about 5 minutes and was a bit of an anti-climax. He asked the usual questions about - are you on any meds? - no. Have you had any miscarriages - no. Do you have a family history of spina bifida - no. Are you taking folic acid? Yes - I've been taking a supplement and pregnancy complex for a month prior to conception. But he started with - why are you here? I told him I was pregnant. Instead of saying congratulations he asked if it was planned. I guess he doesn't know what people's motives are when they turn up (eek). I asked him if I was still ok to take my omega 9-7 -6-3 supplement and pro-biotic and he said better not to as he couldn't say what the effects would be whereas he had a book he consult about pharmaceuticals. Initially I thought I'd take his advice but I am going to carry on taking the pro-biotic. I had done my own research and there seem to be more benefits from taking it  and I couldn't see anything about side effects or risks?  Does anyone know anything about this or has anyone taken a pro-biotic in pregnancy before?

I've also been trying to get to grips with what I shouldn't be eating - and to find out, I've had to do a lot of google searches! So my Maca Powder, Spirulina and Chlorella have to be shelved. More worryingly I had made a breakfast of a smoothie containing goji berries plus a porridge that had a mix of flax and linseeds with ground goji berries, thought I'd google if it was ok to eat and found out goji berries contain a compound called betaine that could cause miscarriage - eeek! I literally spat my porridge out and binned it.

At week 3-4 I kind of feel like a non-pregnant pregnant person. I just want to know everything is ok. I am obviously nervous because of my age. I am so happy but trying not to get carried away until I can somewhat relax at 12 weeks. I am enjoying looking at pregnancy planners - this was the best one on (also available on US Amazon) and it starts from week 1:

This one was my favourite more but I would have to get it shipped from the States:

I will order one of them in the next few days and can't wait until it arrives in the post.

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Aim2mom said…
Glad to hear you are feeling pretty well!
That’s funny that you are so behind Bachelor in Paradise. I was just thinking the new season should be on soon.
I think it’s smart to not take any chances with your diet. I craved pineapple (fresh) and beef. My iron was low so I needed the beef. You need some comfy pants and skirts to wear now and post partum. You could google maternity capsule wardrobe. You probably don’t want to spend much. Do you have any friends who could give you their pregnancy wardrobe to borrow?
Have a great weekend with lots of rest!
Europafox said…
It is so frustrating we are so far behind - because the gossip seeps out of the internet and I always know who ends up with who. I think if I didn't know in advance the finales would be too much to cope with haha! I craved fresh pineapple too - in the last few weeks! It must be our bodies telling us we need something in the food - in the pineapple case the bromelain I would imagine - I think you've just got to go with it, listen to your body and eat what it tells you, and more often too! I am certainly not concerned about putting on several stone if I need to. I am all about the comfy clothes right now! Luckily most of the new things I bought recently have 'growing room' haha! But after the 12 week scan I'll need to get some maternity clothes for autumn I'd imagine - really looking forward to shopping for them! I am not sure about clothing but a couple of friends who've just had babies are offering me cool things like papousses - I will take anything - you know how quickly they grow out of things - you are right about not wanting to spend to much. I can't see baby #3 after this so it is not worth spending a ton on things I'll only use for a few months. Thanks Amy - as usual you have great advice - have a great week-end too xxx
Shannon said…
I love following you along in your pregnancy journey!! The smell of gas makes me feel ick anyways- I can't imagine how awful it is for expecting mothers. Yuck! Your sample menu looks delicious and of course your tiny bump is adorable!!! I love how you are following Bachelor in Paradise! I had the same sentiments with Chad. I feel all of their personalities really come out with provoked drama and of course the booze doesn't help matters! Have a lovely weekend!!
LOVE that pink dress on you! I might have to try that tanner stuff - made me laugh when you said it looked terrifying (haha) Also, I had no idea Bachelor in Paradise has already started!? Those shows are my guilty pleasure for sure. So happy you're feeling ok despite the smells/dry heaves - I hope this pregnancy goes smoothly for y'all and I am so excited to follow along!

Have a fabulous weekend! xo
I'm just so excited for you! I understand why you wanted to share so soon, you really do have a tiny little bump already! I'm sure everything will go so great, but it's understandable that you feel anxious.
Bachelor in Paradise is WAY better than the Bachelor or Bachelorette in my opinion. It's so much more interesting to watch several relationships versus just one person date multiple people. The season you are watching is very entertaining!
Europafox said…
I am happy you had the same thoughts on the Chad-attack on Bachelor in Paradise, I hate it when people behave like that in a pack. It is so fascinating to watch though isn't it? I love the psychology of it all. I am glad you are interested in the pregnancy updates, it will be so nice to share it! Have a lovely weekend Shannon! xx
Europafox said…
My first pink dress Jessi! I may start a habit now - you instantly feel brighter when you put it on! I think your Bachelor in Paradise series starts in August but we are waaaay behind - this was this regurgitation of Nick Viall one. Feeling pretty fab so far but I know the roughest weeks are to come 6-9 usually on the sickness (although last time for me it was 6 to about 18 weeks eek). I have better nutrition now so hopefully it won't be too bad! Have THE BEST week-end! Joanne x
Europafox said…
I am glad I shared early, for sure. Some people have disapproved of the early announcement and look at you a bit funny when you tell them but most people are really happy which is nice! I think I am going to be GLUED to this BIP!! Have a fab week-end! xx
Ah yes, that irritating in-between period where your regular clothes don't fit right but it's too early for maternity stuff. That pink dress is awesome, though. Just keep wearing that and tell people you've decided to adopt the "uniform" method of fashion.:-) Fingers crossed you continue to feel pretty well.
I hope you continue to feel well. I can't wait to see your baby bump grow! XOXO And I'm glad to hear that the weather is cooling down. It's only around 85 degrees today...feels so much better than 95, like it has been!
Cassidy Adams said…
How Exciting!! I can't wait to watch you document the bump:). You look beautiful in your new pink dress and I hope morning sickness doesn't hit too hard! I remember in the first trimesters I always had a pretty rough time. You definitely need to try to come to the US for the fourth sometime. I envy your beach walks! So nice. Happy birthday to your mom! HOpe you have a great week.
Europafox said…
Haha that's a good idea Kristin and will probably happen as more and more clothing items get consigned to the loft. I don't worry about wearing the same clothes again and again anyway - I kind of want to see it as a challenge to see how long I can survive in existing clothes, no matter how inappropriate, for as long as possible. Hope you are enjoying pirate life at Blackrock haha ;) Joanne x
Europafox said…
Doesn't that drop in temp from the 90s to the 80s make such a huge difference? It's like your whole body breathes again! Fingers crossed this 'good run' (in weather and feeling good) lasts as long as possible! Have a super week-end - Joanne x
Europafox said…
Cassidy I think I am going to have to photograph it quite regularly as Caspar says I am like 'Bella Swan' at the moment, haha! I think if I get morning sickness badly again this time I am going to be constantly eating ginger - I didn't try it last time and I might even BATHE in it this time if it helps haha! The beach is pretty awesome - a total wilderness - and nice in summer that you don't feel half your face has been paralysed by the wind. After seeing everyone's amazing 4th July photos we have to do it as a family holiday - it's now on the bucket list! Have a great week-end - Joanne xx
You look so beautiful in that dress! I'm just so excited for you and hope that you have a beautiful pregnancy. So happy that I can follow along!
Europafox said…
Thank you so much April, and for visiting! xx
so excited for you and looking forward to following your journey! I have also wondered about whether you can take a probiotic while pregnant, you will have to let me know your thoughts!
Europafox said…
Thanks Lauren :) The research I've done is from the American Pregnancy Association and our Midwives Association primarily, then some other sites. They state 'usually' safe but I think it is due to unlike in big pharma where there are extensively funded trails for contraindications, the supplements sector can't do this. However, there is not evidence to suggest probiotics cause problems either. I think if our GPs here were funded to prescribe probiotics from say Pzizer, they would say it was fine. There are tons of reports that they are beneficial in terms of weight gain, blood pressure, baby and mum immunity as well as general digestive health, so I am just sticking to my 20 billion a day!! They already know that the gut biome is the determinant of the health of your immune system (which is weakened in pregnancy) - in my opinion in a few years they will be prescribing them like they do with folic acid - not just for pregnant women but a whole host of health issues.
You look absolutely beautiful in that pink dress, and happy birthday to your mom (a fellow cancer, like me!)! Bachelor in Paradise is a guilty summer pleasure over here, no shame in that. ;)
Europafox said…
Thank you so much Jen, that is really sweet! I think it is one of those dresses that has the power to lift you up after a week of work wear ;) BIP is the best season so far. I hate to admit it but I am getting more excited looking forward to that on a Sunday than Poldark - I don't know about you but as time goes on I want to watch fewer and fewer programmes that are sad / traumatic / violent - give me some drama in the sun haha!

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