Week-end of sun and fun!

 Happy Mothers Day America! We had our's back on March 11th so it has been lovely to see everyone have theirs today - the photos on Instagram have been delightful. I hope everyone had a great day - I am looking forward to reading all about it on everyone's blogs. We had another week-end of cracking weather! We went to the park first thing on Saturday morning in a village further along the coast road - Georgie's new baby - Rupert - was asleep the whole time - isn't he adorable?
 There were six in our kiddie troop - Caspar, Georgie's three plus her 10 year old neighbour Ella, and Helena's little boy Perry who is 2. They all played brilliantly together - I loved to see Caspar putting the little ones in the swings, playing football with them and letting them win and just enjoying himself and being young. It really is such a lovely park - we resolved to take a picnic next time! Little William looks like he could be Caspar's brother!
 I was the only Mum without a bag full of tissues, wipes and snacks - next time I am taking a full on wicker hamper.
 Caspar loved being roughed up by the two year olds. Not one child went home without grass stains head to toe.
 The park is in a really lovely village with a village green in the middle.
 The foxy Daihatsu that escaped near death makes an appearance below:
 Outfit of the week-end has been the 'eyelet' top below. But blimey - it was 12 degrees on Saturday (surprise surprise) and that wind was darn chilly - it does whizz through those eyelets! We went shopping in Ulverston and I came home and was freezing!
 So I had my half an hour 'Mum Treat' when I got home - do you ever set time aside for yourself in the day doing something just for you? Mine on Saturday was a frothy Starbucks from the Nespresso ( I am now officially addicted - I don't even try to give it up now, I love it too much), plus a 'super food Brownie' and the first OK! Magazine I've actually bought - I couldn't resist - it was £1 and had the first official photos of Prince Louis inside. By strange coincidence there was a feature on pregnancy in your forties - maybe it is a sign?! I hope so! I tried not to read too much into it though about your chances of conceiving being lower, chances of miscarriage 1 in 4, chances of diseases and health issues higher.... I don't want to scare myself too much!

 When I was reading the magazine I came across this and it really fascinated me - it is Louis' birth certificate! I love the 'occupations' of the parents. Apparently it is the first printed birth certificate for a royal prince or princess - does it make me really dorky that I actually thought it was sad that it was no longer handwritten? I would actually pay to get a handwritten birth certificate. In fact, that would be a great job - being an official scribe - they need to be brought back!

Which neatly provides a Segway to this - my book clear out on Saturday afternoon! I had been super ruthless in the past - even giving to charity leather bound fairy tale books from the mid 1850s (i.e. the original beauty and the beast story etc). This one was about to get charitised as it was an old algebra book - I have literally no idea how I got it - I think it was my Great Grandfather's, and someone must have passed it to him -
 Should I hang on to something I don't use just because it is super old and has a nice inscription? How ruthless should de-cluttering be?
 I made a pile I am going to box up and put in the garage - if I don't revisit the box in say 12 months I will then get rid. They vary from books my Mum has just found from my childhood - Totty the Story of a Dolls House and Judy Blume to a 1930s travel guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Folio Society 'The Compleat Angler' by Isaac Walton ( a cloth bound of an original 1600s copy), to George Orwell, Ruskin and Winston Churchill's 'The World Crisis.' I figure if I don't free space for new books I will be stuck in a rut - but some of these books are really unique and valuable so I am in a dilemma.

Every day for me as you know includes at least one dog walk. The meadow I walk through is getting very tall grass now (no hayfever yet, yey - I am hoping my alternative remedies are actually working, or at least delaying the onset of the symptoms - if anyone wants any tips let me know - I did a blog post on it a couple of weeks ago and the allergy hacks appear to be working so far!). I took this really lovely photo of Humphrey. A typical English Springer Spaniel, he loves the tall grass:

Moving on to Sunday.... We started the day with a huge countryside walk of course! I got up and out early - I have learned the art of dry shampooing and love the fact I can now get up and go without a huge getting ready session.

The weather was glorious (albeit with a chilly wind) - we had to feature a bit of beach so went to a different one again this week - about 25 minutes from home - this one faces into the Irish Sea and is more epic, and more windy!

I really don't know what my hand is doing there.

I love the fact a lot of the views where we live have a skyline panorama of the mountains - and lots and lots of sky and emptiness! This is literally the road to nowhere!

We then went shopping, went to the MIL and FIL's and then I did a quick turn-around for my friend Lyndsay's hen party! The rest of the group got the train to Ulverston at 13:15 and had Prosecco on the train and then went to this lovely bar with a rooftop terrace. By the time I arrived there was a bit of sunburn! I really can't do the all day drinks sessions these days so arrived about 17:00 - the garden at the hotel-restaurant-bar was lovely! There was a table set up for our gin masterclass:

I ordered a Negroni (Gin, Martini Rosso, Aperol) - the first I've ever had! It was ok - I am glad I tried it but I won't be going back for more. I struggled with the cocktail menu as it was all really sweet and gin based and I much prefer a tequila or run based cocktail. Next time I will order the Rhubarb Sour:

I didn't have any photos with me actually in them to share as I offered to take photos for the bride to be and forgot to take some with my own camera! We had a truly delicious buffet and got to sample some very weird and wonderfully flavoured gins.

I wore this dress - it was super comfortable and just about right for the weather.

Please do not judge my very neglected garden - I just do not have the time in the day to tend to it - but hope too when I am off at half term! Three hours of wearing a dress and I was ready to get back to this:

And that was our week-end, a little bit of everything! I hope everyone had a super Mother's Day!
Big Hugs - Joanne x

Lnking up with Lindsay for Hello Monday:


Ascott said…
Yes, keep the book! Your outfits this weekend are so cute! I can’t do all day drinking either - I need a nap if I try. I like tequila based drinks and vodka based drinks lately. I need to read the allergy tips again.
I mentioned you in my Hello Monday! Have a great day!
Europafox said…
Thanks Amy, will look forward to checking that out! I hope you had a great Mother's Day
What a fun weekend! That park looks so beautiful and I love your white top! Happy Monday!
Europafox said…
Thanks Stefanie! I hope you had a fab day yesterday! The park is great, a real chance for us Mums to relax! :)
It sounds like you had a really nice weekend! YES, I set aside that little bit of time too! Usually in the mornings right before the girls wake up (like right now) -- my laptop or a catalog (I love home decorating catalogs), iced coffee and my protein bar. It's not glamorous but I love it! I didn't realize you were hoping to get pregnant. I will send all of my positive baby vibes your way and say a little prayer for you. <3 How exciting!
Europafox said…
Jen that sounds like a great Mum break!Couldn't survive without things like that.Thank you for your best wishes and prayers re the pregnancy - we are only trying au naturelle, so fingers crossed! Really appreciate your comment! :)
I sure do hope that is a sign for you. That would be amazing. I am glad you got some time to yourself. Enjoy all of that sunshine!!!
Europafox said…
Thanks Danielle - it would make me so happy to have another child! :)

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