Throwback Thursday: 1977 Baby!

When I responded to Kirsten's Tag I ended up going into the garage and digging out all sorts of photos and keepsakes - and it gave me the idea of once a week having a 'throwback' post - either a year in time, or a 'favourites' post - such as favourite holidays, pet photos, parties etc. This week, with my birthday on the horizon (on Monday I turn 41) - I thought where better to start than at the beginning! I was born in 1977, in Cumbria - my Mum was 25 and my parents had been married 5 years but had dated since they were 15! Dig my Dad's 70s beard, my Mum's fur coat, the flock wallpaper and the aspidistra plant! I'm two in the image with my Mum and also have the obligatory 1970s duffle jacket on she is wearing a Burberry mac. I love looking back at the fashions in these images! As an only child I had a really strong relationship with my Mum - she was always a working Mum but I think all the time spent with family, such as my Nanna (above) really helped me develop a strong sense of independence and also I learned to treasure my extended family (my Grandparents lived in a big old Victorian House with the extended family - including my uncles, Great Uncle and Great Grand-father).  As only so young in the &0s I don't really remember anything - I was more of an eighties baby, and this is when most of my memories begin..... cue next Thursday's throwback! I have some properly HIDEOUS photos from this era that I have to share. It was also the decade of hair and make-up experimentation which makes it even funnier.

If anyone else would like to join in for a 'Throwback Thursday - 1980s child' that would be fab! I have jerry-rigged a truly awful graphic below - the best I could home-make I'm afraid - so if you are not too embarrassed to use it please do so - I think this could be a lot of fun!


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