Family and Friends Week-end, Random Faves and Monday Mood Busters!

Happy Monday everyone! I am sad to say that Saturday evening ended by 'birthday week.' Mum and Dad took us out for dinner to the pub next door for some well needed stodge! It was bitterly cold on Saturday as yet again the country (mostly SW and SE) was subject to a snow storm. We just got flurries, high winds and sub zero temperatures - one of the fells in the county (Helvellyn) reached -23 centigrade yesterday. I am coping by eating a lot of food and looking for little ways to boost the morale! The pub dinner certainly did that! You can't beat a good old steak and ale pie with lashings of gravy. The red wine was most excellent as well and we have enough pie left for a portion each the next day after we'd frozen our faces off again walking the dog!

Which brings me to this next point - when your face is constantly ravaged by the weather, combatting it is an eternal bother. I have posted on here before asking tips. The mask above has given my skin little boosts but I think I only really cracked it when I discovered why using a facial oil is important. I got some free samples this week as part of my birthday gifts; the first two being from Kiehls, which did not do much for me and even though their midnight recovery oil and daily reviving serum / oil thingy weren't chemical laden, they felt a little irritating. I think I hit the jackpot with this one though:

Full price it is £62 but I would imagine if you used this for a few weeks any de-hydration would be gone and your face would be glowing. When you are 41 like me and haven't had any 'work' or peels, fillers or botox, having a 'glow'  a great goal! I went out on Saturday night and felt the oil made a real difference. This one is uber-natural and I am thinking of buying a bottle.

Skipping back to Saturday I met up with friend Georgie and her two little ones plus neighbour-child-helper. Caspar played with them all outside on the lawn of this place below:

Which used to be an old 'priory' but is now a pretty decent size Buddhist centre that has a 'world peace café.' Neither of us are Buddhists in any form (although I've read a couple of Thich Naht Hahn books), and we don't go there for that reason - rather for the lovely Veggie food in the café (the cakes are obviously 'mindfully' made; they are delicious!), and the setting - it is surrounded by woodland walks that take you to the beach and there is a lovely lawn for the children to play on - or throw sticks and mud at each other which ours did. I was a little concerned other people had gone there for 'peace and mindfulness' but hey ho - kids, noise, mud and laughter are the stuff of life!

 This is the Buddhist temple. I probably will never go in - meditation is not my thing and I would just fidget, be generally disruptive and constantly be mentally challenging the idea of trying to be emptyheaded which I don't quite understand.

Apart from this my week-end consisted of tons of food shopping and chores. I don't know about you but unless I feel I 'get Sunday right' - i.e. catch up on all chores, paperwork, cleaning, I can't start Monday with a clear head!

Mondays are not really my best day of the week - after a family Sunday (the only day off we get with my husband) - I always struggle getting back into work. At the moment at work I am dealing with quite a few major issues and upheavals and it is not the most fun - mostly draining and quite stressful. I don't know how you guys cope with this but mine is in seeking simple pleasures and mood lifters:

Taking cakes into work to show the staff how much I appreciate their hard work.

 Enjoying little inexpensive things that are cute, bright and pretty - like these little notebooks, a quirky pair of socks (I love bamboo socks like these) under boring work clothes and some bright earrings - I got this pack from M&S yesterday for just £9.50 - I never buy expensive earrings any more because as well as being clumsy and destructive I also lose and break a lot of jewellery - I once dropped a heritage pearl earring from my Grandmother down a loo in Havana for example.

When I have finished all my work (I work from home in the afternoon until about 5 or 6pm) I always try and get changed - for the third time that day - out of my dog walking clothes (having previously been in work clothes that morning!). Sometimes if I've got dinner to make and a ton of chores to do it just gives me a boost by changing, re-doing make-up and hair and putting some nice perfume on. At the moment I am trying some new bright colours as when I brought some 'pre-season' clothes in from storage I realised most were navy and need to spruce myself up a bit! I liked the St Paddy's green theme of this sweater that I picked up this week.
 Inexpensive food treats always pick me up - following a challenging morning at work I like to have a mid afternoon 'tiffin' - this week I've had hot cross buns (an English Easter tradition), plus some truffles I got free for my birthday as I have an M&S points card:

These weren't as good as my recent forays into raw chocolate but pretty nice for £6 box of chocs!

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Happy Monday everyone!


Okay, I have got to hear more about the pearl story! That had me cracking up. I'm with you though, expensive things are just lost on me.

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