Minimalist Make-Up

Not so long ago I completely purged my make-up and I have never looked back - I have got used to just using three basic products. I might expand a it more in the spring but it is quite liberating to survive on so little! I was finding that too much make-up was actually making me look older. Anyway - the bare bones survival kit contains - Anne-Marie Borlind Anti-Ageing Make-Up in Beige, 100% Pure Luminser -(its ingredients are literally rice starch, rosehip oil, avocado butter, cocoa seed butter, pigemented extracts of 10 different fruits, chamomile, two vitamins and mica) plus an 100% Pure mascara - made with cocoa powder. I like the fact is enhances a bit but if it totally washes off I the rain I don't look that different.

Image includes - one of our wedding photos in a Wedgewood frame, jewellery box given to me by my husband 14 years ago when we were dating, cloth bound Penguin Classic 'Far from the Madding Crowd' by Thomas Hardy and a set of wooden dolls who lived in a Georgian dolls house I had as a child and could not bear to part with!


Your wedding picture is lovely! And I try to get by on very little makeup as well. I agree that sometimes more makeup makes us look older and at this point in our lives we don't need that! :D
Europafox said…
Thanks for the comment! All about the trying to not look older these days haha! :)

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