Good Morning, Bleak Midwinter!

It was an early start this morning - the air was crisp and there was a pale gunmetal sky. I was the only person wayfaring through the lanes, across the field and onto the beach. Here is my journey!

Welcome to a typical Saturday morning!

It was muddy but the walk was a gentle way to wake up! Humph doesn't do gentle and preferred a blast of icy water in a pond we call one of his 'swimming pools.' Today he didn't leave a tennis ball in the middle expecting me to wade in to get it - yay.

Empty beach - double yay.

Arriving home I was a little chilly and somehow had sand in my ear. Luckily my Guernsey Woollens 'Gansey' Hat kept all of the damp drizzle from my hair and my trusty Norweigan Sweater (Devold) had not failed me. Neither had the wool socks.

I'm afraid I look like a Christmas Gnome in this photo and I am not practiced in self-portraits. . The cat is George - he warms my legs post-walk and accompanies me during the morning's 'ablutions.'

There is nothing like coming in from the cold and drizzly to a cosy home and with today being a Saturday it was the perfect opportunity to wallow in a bath. On mornings like this you just cannot beat it - especially with a warming ginger tea and lovely warming and aromatic products to luxuriate with - frankincense face products, aromatic bath soak and body cream plus a myrrh soap - I still smell like Christmas! I love the blue glass bottles and jars - these products are a real pleasure to use and to look at!

In my house there is no escape from a pet of some description - George likes to drag the towels from the warmer to make his own bed.
And finally - a change up for the morning's shopping. I live near a lovely little market town chartered in the 12th century - cobbled streets, market, independent traders. Of course it grey and rainy so it required another woollen Norweigan sweater of course (Norwool - the drizzle won't get through this mama - it makes me look 3 stone heavier but it is a small price to pay for toastiness!), plus my trusty 'shopping bag' - a reconditioned 1940s Swedish Army rucksack - hemp, leather, brass with a metal frame and leather straps across the front. It was either this or an old lady shopping trolley. I couldn't do the latter. I fill the backpack to the brim with all my cans, potatoes etc etc and it usually weighs a ton. Today the shopping list was luckily more bearable. Apologies again for the amateur pics - this is my son's phone (I haven't used a mobile for about 4 years!!). Check out the paper - it is at least 70 years old; my Dad found a wad in one of his old cars!


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